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Voices,strange thoughts.



New member
Aug 12, 2009
:)Hi I'm new to forum,glad I found it. I was wondering if anyone could shed some light on this for me. I have been suffering with depression for a few months,my Gp sent me to mentle health nurse,I hardly explained to her about anything,she just said no you have not got depression,maybe a bit of anxiety what every one else has,she didn't seem concerned and i went away feeling very low. I am wondering if my Gp will refer me to someone else,but as yet I have not asked,I feel they are not very helpful at all. Now my main question is,and I did not even tell my doctor I felt ashamed well its that when I am talking to people i sometimes get this urge that I want to hit out at them,I am not a nasty person,and wonder why I think this way,its just thoughts that come in my mind,its not a voice telling me to do this,but I do have a talking session with myself as though I were someone else talking to me and I answer back. I also saw something that was not there a few weeks ago,it was in church at the peace sign catholic church,I saw the virgin Mary,it was so quick like a flash,I actually thought it was a statue,and I kept looking to see were this statue was,there was no statue at all any were,I still do believe I did really see Mary,but with some of my thoughts I have i am wondering if I have got something wrong with me if I am seeing things that are not there,anyone no if this could be scizophrenia? Thanks and nice to meet u all.Love Chrissy


Well-known member
Aug 3, 2009
It sounds like you're really struggling and are rather frightened. You have done the right thing by going to your GP, it's a shame the Mental Health Nurse was so dismissive, they aren't all like that, sometimes the information we give them isn't fully understood (I say we as I've had an unsatisfactory experience with one, and many good experiences with others), which is not your fault, you aren't a mental health expert (and nor am I!) so, getting your message across can be difficult at the best of times, never mind when we are feeling like crap!

Go back to your GP, and try to tell him/her as much as you can about the way you feel/think, try to explain your past experience with the nurse - that you felt they were a little dismissive (it helps to try and be diplomatic!), and, maybe, ask to see a psychiatrist.

Try not to worry too much, you've already started on the first steps to try and sort yourself out, it can be a hard path but, don't give up. I've not been on this site for long, but, there are a lot of supportive people here, so keep posting, it's good to air this stuff, especially to people that may have some insight and can give you some feed back. I don't want to sound too spooky, but, remember YOU ARE NOT ALONE! :)
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