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Voices in the dark: an audio story



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Mar 23, 2009
We all have an inner voice. But for some, hearing voices can be much more distinct and unusual.

Adam has a voice with a unique name and identity. Jacqui hears hundreds of different voices. Dolly’s voices led her to believe she was Jesus. The voices John experienced drove him to the edge.

Voice hearing is often understood to be a symptom of mental illness, but many voice hearers refute this diagnosis, believing the voices they hear are based on significant events that have shaped their lives.

Through their stories we explore what it means to hear voices and discover how the phenomenon is being understood, from medieval tales of demonic visions to childhood language cognition, a Dutch psychiatrist helping voice hearers find meaning in their voices, and a pioneering ‘avatar’ therapy using computer technology.

Voices in the dark: an audio story | Mosaic


At about 13: 40 a Dr makes the satement "we shouldn't assume that our internal voice will sound like external speech." How would he know what a voice hearer is hearing in order to determine that? Whether it sounded like an external voice or not? I just found it a little funny :D
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