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Voices in my head - among other things.



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Mar 3, 2010
Hello, i am new to this forum as are many of the people posting the recent stuff in this section.

Occasionally i will hear voices which is the same sound over and over again, it is not vocally audible it is like someone shouting through a window, it is very distorted and muffled. The 'voice' also gives me a general distant feeling from my body, like i am very tired and feel quite slow and closed in. The voice seems to be very angry/sarcastic and for some reason reminds me of a childhood memory. They SHOUT over all my thoughts and get progressively louder and more intense. I used to think this was because of being overtired but it happened more and more, i have not experienced it for over a month but still occasionally feel like distant feeling, where i expect the repeating voices to start.

Before all this i would sometimes see a dark figure of a dark movement in the outer corner of my eye, very much a hallucination - and I would look and nothing is there.

I am a 16/male and find it quite embarrassing to speak to the doctor about it, as it seems quite ridiculous even to me. Is this something which is serious and should definitely need to talk to someone about or can I just carry on ignoring it?

Thanks for reading, id love to hear what people have to say.

Edit: Forgot to mention, i regularly have spontaneous twisted/destructive/'sick' thoughts which come from either nothing or are triggered by something that someone says or something normal i see, These thoughts get worse when i am experiencing the distant feeling and especially when i am hearing the voices.
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:welcome: Tom

i have had directional voices since i was a child, i have 3 and also see shapes, sometimes people as well.

i can ignore the voices, as a child i couldnt. they would make me do things.

i dont know why i have them??? never been explained but it can be scary and very difficult to talk about it with others.

i think you do need to speak to a doctor, i told a CPN and because the voices werent making me harm myself or others they didnt do anything about it :unsure:


New member
Mar 3, 2010
Do you know what you have? Has anyone got a rough idea what mine could be?

I will also add that i sometimes have difficulty reading as i will loose track of what im reading half way or i will read a while article/paragraph and not remember any of it and not even really remember reading it.


Jun 7, 2009
hi tom yes i think you should talk to someone about this your gp is there to help and will not judge you as they deal with this often you need some support hopr things improve soon

Lady Summer Isles

Well-known member
Nov 13, 2009
Just wanted to say Hi and :welcome:
You've prob seen we have a hearing voices section on here. I attend a hearing voices group which is run by my local cmht but I know there are others that you don't need to get a referral for. Off to bed now but hope to catch up with you soon.
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