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Voices cause Death Via Heart Attack



Subject: Voices cause Death Via Heart Attack
Authors: ANON & ANON

I've been seeing some spirit walking around with that heart attack thing in his hand, looks something like a long rod or bat or club device or something. He's been around here with it for several days.

>>>>> It is like a cattle prod isn't it?

Yea, maybe that's what it is.

>>>>>That is what it is only more powerful.

Are those electric too?


Ahhh, that that explains it. I know several people who have been attacked or killed with that thing. Quality of life gets bad, or poor health, and the spirits want a new body/house, fresh meat, fresh veal, good sex. Quality of life is the usual cause. Die young and stay pretty. Extermination, population control.

>>>>> That is life my friend.

I just want to document this on the www, want to get the word out.

>>>>> I don't blame you, it is worth it i guess. They can do a lot more than people think, but they do need someone to work through to do it most of the time (astrals). They killed my mom like that, and someone tried to do it to my sister too: She made it though. Too bad...

The astral sticks that thing in our back, makes us cramp up, contractions, muscle seizure, makes the heart stop, and we're gone pretty fast. They do it from behind, back pain and totally cramp up, contractions and the heart stops. The pain is not too bad if you totally tense up, and just wait it out. Not much else you can do, really. He's been around here with it for several days. He attaked me with it earlier today, for about 5 seconds. Sadistic. Any way that you look at it, it does take us away from this shit.

>>>>> That is why I told you to get a stun gun fucks them up fast very fast. It will kill them if you do it to them long enough. Makes them back off right now.

I was trying to figure how to use it on them. That massage therapy thing I have uses a 9volt battery and output is 120volt, but that might not talk loud enough. Stun guns are kilovolts.

>>>>> No, you need someting on the order of 400,000 volts. Fucks them up, will kill them if used long enough.

So, the great inquisition of the 1600s, witch trials, could have been resolved differently? Why didn't God zap their ass? I've heard stories about the FBI going after witches/astrals, swat teams going in and get their ass. I would imagine that it happens every once in a while, they get a tip and investigate.

>>>>> They probably have a specific division to investigate that stuff you know.

I have got my ear open, trying to get really quiet, trying to come up with some answers or strength. The voices keep trying to goose me to pray, leading me by the nose, but I aint buying it. She ends up praying by herself, stops and gets pissed. God may be trying to teach us something. He may want to teach us to persevere, like a soldier, to stand up and fight and don't ever give up. He might need people like that, people that don't give up. I do think that some sort of a relationship or communication is necessary, mandatory at this point, or I am not going to play. Our faith needs some mortar in it (Elijah).



Nov 27, 2008
I've seen this thing as well.
A long glowing rod. They stick it inside of you. There's also an orb like
device they use. They carry some kind of electro magnetic charge.. I've been calling it the dark charge. In my case, they mostly use it around my stomach.. solar plexus chakra. the case I remember most was seeing a blond girl in a white robe walk up to me and insert the rod.. she said "please be still." while the charge was inserted. I watched with great curiosity.
I know these things also causes the intense muscle twitches that I get.

These devices can obviously be used to facilitate heart attacks and the like. I've been aware of that for quite a while. just an extreme charge on the right nerve.
I'm wondering why they haven't done me in yet. I've been daring them to do so.

I guess their idea is to make your quality of life so unbearable, that you do yourself in. Doing it themselves being a last ditch option.



Hello Holofreq

I just to save you any more fear and do try to explain what you mean by a red hot poker up your anal passage. Please help me try to understand because that is exactly what happened to a friend I knew. And you know what, I do not try to help you or her not for nothing so that is why I want to know.

So long for now,



Nov 27, 2008
Hi Terri,
I should start by saying I have no fear of them. They do what they do.
That's their work for whatever reason.. I've been with them for too long and have noticed clear patterns or should I say algorithms in their
processes. It's just what they do, as they would say.. bland generalizations. The rod I was speaking of was more directed towards attacks on the energy body.. hits in the solar plexus chakra are generally recognized as fear, doubt, dread.. it's the sinking feeling in the stomach we all experience from time to time.. it's some sort of external blockage. whatever toys they use.. rods orbs..

The anal rape sensation is another thing, this usually happens in the
so called astral dreamscape.. I get these semi regularly. It usually involves an enticement with a sexual sitch, girls n receiving mode etc..and when I move on it, I'm punished. sometimes with anal rape, sometimes my testicles get squeezed. I don't quite understand it beyond the obvious.. sex=pain.. which I guess is supposed to taint my actual real world state.

Just another part of their machine, obviously there's still a lot to be dissected with this stuff.

Take care,


Nov 27, 2008
Hey Cal,
I'm not so much into the bible code scenarios. numerical coincidences
are just too random to be accounted with any reasonable assurance.
I'll stick with infinity=0 or maybe figure 8, just to keep it interesting and simple.
Back when I was using meth, I would often catch the smell of sulfur
after a few days awake. something acidic/burning wafting by. I would also get the smell of something I can't exactly explain.. like rotting hot dogs or rancid popcorn (?!) (best i could come up with.).. I don't smell the burning so much these days, though occasionally I get the other when I haven't slept.

btw.. have you seen this new show "The United States of Tara"?
it deals with DID. it's very interesting and entertaining.. imagine if the voices were allowed to get out and rule the consciousness from time to time. scary. I've been dl'ing it off bit torrent thru mininova.org

Take care,



They do come out and rule consciousness from time to time. Call it/them "The supersession".

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