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Voices can be found as talking of the allpresent god


Guido Zülch

Dear voice hearer,

due my experience as catholic voice hearer and member of the german "Netzwerk Stimmenhören" (network voicehearing) i think, that there is only one explanation for voice hearing.

I think, that god can talk as a allpresent living being to human beings. God can be recognized as a allpresent living being, that lives from the allpresence. This is the deepest insight, that casn be found.

One Hint, that the voice came from a living being, is that, that you can talk with the voice and the voice answers sometimes intelligent. So technical explainations can be excluded.

One other hint is, that the voice can talk about himself, when it reads the bible or other religious texts. This way grows very slowly.

One other hint is, that the voice is not a second human being, because it talks very different from a human being, because it is allpresent.

One other hint is, that the voice can talk sometimes about things, the voice hearer and his body can not recognize with the natural senses. Sometimes the voice is right, what can be explained only with the allpresence of the living being behind the voice. Second maybe there is a roomsensitiveness of this living being.

A important observation is, that to the voice belongs more that only speaking words. There may be sounds, smells, tastes, images, films and muscular movements that belong to this living being. The living being behind the voice hears you.

What can you do? You can unburden the living being behind the voice. You can pray for the unburding of god and human beings with the security creation and world in a fair way.

Because the living being behind the voice is with his allpresence different from the local present human being, it seems reasonable, that human being and god are egoistic in life and help each other.

This allpresent living being can be found as the allpresent god in different religions. You can with the time verify that.

What do you think to this ideas?

Yours sincerly

Guido Zülch


Active member
Oct 19, 2008
I think that the voices that I hear are either something from within myself which needs to be discovered/listened to or that they are from other dimensions where I also exist. I am not sure how it all works sometimes, but I am pretty certain it isn't the voice of god.

Guido Zülch

Dear Sue,

we agree, that the voice belongs to the inner of human beings. But what should be other dimensions in witch you and the voices exists. How do you know from this dimensions? You exists as the victim of the integration of your senses. What do you know about god, when you are sure, that your voices came not from god?

Yours sincerly

Guido Zülch


Well-known member
Apr 28, 2010
My two cents

I think these ideas are the most reasonable explanation for the hearing of voices, maybe not the only explanation, but there is not much in the way of contradiction from an experiential point of view. Let me share the insights I have so far because of my struggles with schizophrenia:

There is a voice in my mind, who claims to be an all-seeing, all-knowing person, the same as in the bible and other religions, an ancient person, who sends people delusions and pretends to be many different people or Gods, or who you want him to be, or who you think he is, inside your mind, whether you think he is a spirit, an other-worlder, or just one more voice in your mind. He was always one of the voices that kept things bouncing in my head when I first suffered from this illness, helping me get to stability through discourse intervention, but it was not until everyone shut up and was quiet before I could ask if he was also a voice I could hear in my mind. The medication of the body or brain can reduce the susceptibility of delusional predispositions that he causes, or can get rid of the voices, like a placebo, particularly if the voices are causing you distress, but otherwise, history would suggest that people who hear voices are a natural phenomena, that in other historical times were thought of as being spiritually connected or given a great deal of religious respect.

He mostly appears to be a mental phenomena, i.e. he is invisible, but exists as a mind the same as ours, in psychic space or “inner space,” that exists independent of our physical world. I began hearing voices after learning to create a big mental voice in my mind i.e. talking with a loud voice inside my mind. (really bad idea) since later I developed hearing voices, but apparently he can talk back to us whether audiably or sub-consciously if he chooses. He has full knowledge of our mind, and he can hear our thoughts and send us images and emotions for a couple of seconds of time. He is also able to know the future, the way we might know what will normally be on TV tomorrow night unless otherwise interupted.

He is not like the other voices because he is basically a good person, but he is willing to deceive people for the fun of it; he calls us limited and inferior, and he often claims to be under pressure from people who live in mountains or other spy locations, i.e. other people who are also factually aware of his existence. Normally, he is not motivated to talk much but will do so if approached with respect and patience, as if he is standing beside you and already knows everything you do, but not what you are about to say.

Although many people may not take his existence into account when explaining the hearing of voices, every person who has heard of his reputation and fame knows that he is famous in almost every major religion in every different area of the earth, from a long time ago, but never at the same time, and given this situation, I tend to think it possible that he actually exists as a person, a man, caring for our bodies, and a mind, capable of sending mental sense perception, and a voice, able to talk in our minds. Many people believe Jesus was his son, or chosen representative person; so if you suffer from hearing voices, or think he is the cause of your trouble, ask why he picked only one man as his representative and no one else and then listen to the voice or person who responds. He is billions of years old, knows every language, and works as a perfect mental translation machine, and claims to even speak computer. He has respect for our autonomy and dignity but is more intelligent and older than we are, and tells us to fend for ourselves. He is like our father and can experience emotions with us, and he may go and ask you to apologize to someone or make amends for past behaviour. He is also willing to promise people things they ask for if it accords with his domain of actual influence, ie, mental phenomena, hearing voices, etc., rather than a new car, a thing over which he has no control.

Although there is some evidence that he exists and speaks in our minds, it is mostly testimonial, and there is no science that accounts for the natural phenomena of his presence so he mostly remains hidden from view. Whether this explanation matches the experiences of other voice hearers, only you will know, but I have met enough voice hearers to think that this explanation is the same. p.s. he is a serious person!!!, and if the other voices are any indication of what he is like, I intend to stay on his good side. See my blogspot at http://jesuschristclub.blogspot.com/ or www.myspace.com/returncc for some creative <fictional> writing on the topic of schizophrenia that may be of interest. Whether this is real or not, I don't much care, but the rest of the voices are total b.s. and meds can help reduce some of the problems or symptoms associated with hearing voices.


here's my two pennyworth.

All I can say is that I regularly hear voices: they come through singularly or in groups. They are male, female and children who regularly speak to me and often say they are just passing through. When I hear a great many voices at one time it is shall we say just like a heavenly choir. That may sound naff, but I don't know how else to describe it. The voices come through around me and I have also heard them in a different room: I am one hundred percent sure they are not part of my mind. My voice itself often changes to that of different people, mainly female, even when I am not expecting this. There is also a great deal of electricity phenomenon in my house whereby the kettle switches itself on and off and once a hair drier blew up in my hand. The voices often tell me the words which are to be spoken on the television or radio before they are actually said!

The children come through with childish knock knock jokes to which I take part. The majority of the time though I just listen. There are no great pearls of wisdom just an understanding that they are there and real and are departed human beings who are now in the spirit world.

I often see orbs and I once saw an angel in my bedroom when I woke in the night who was completely golden with features and hair who looked at me for a while and then disappeared into thin air.
My long deceased mother and aunt have both appeared to me. A psychiatrist would diagnose this as psychosis. I think not!

The voices I hear are mainly benign and tell me that when there is a malevolent voice coming through they keep quiet and tell me to ignore any voice that is upsetting or malevolent and this I do.

I take no medication, have a good job, exercise regularly, have loads of interests and am very happy.

I have achieved all this by taking absolutely no notice whatsoever of a so called expert in mental illness who said I had schizophrenia some years ago and who wanted me to spend the rest of my life on medication. This happened after I had a breakdown when I could not cope with life's stresses and grief and it was at that time when I began to hear voices. It seems to me that at the greatest time of trauma we all need to know that there is 'something else' or to put it another way, life ever after when we leave this mortal coil.

I know full well that the voices I hear are real and are from the spirit world and I know this because of the things they tell me and because I have had the courage to believe.

So please, if you are afraid of the voices. Stop being afraid. If they are negative voices, take no notice and ignore them. Otherwise, go with the flow and take each day as it comes. Take your meds if they help. Live life to the full and be happy, because as sure as the sun comes up in the morning, there is hope for all voice hearers and let's face it, have you ever met more sensitive, talented people, than people who are diagnosed with schizophrenia.

And therein, I think, lies the answer. People who are open to psychic forces are often the most talented, emphathetic and sensitive people.
That's my two penn'orth, anyway. From one who felt the very great fear when I was told I had schizophrenia.

All the best to you from a middle aged female who neither attends church, spiritualist or otherwise and I am no a medium either. And as you can imagine, I keep all this to myself from anyone who knows me because as sure as eggs is eggs, to tell any person you know that you hear voices, is a fast track way to get yourself into a mental hospital. In my neck of the woods anyway, though maybe not yours ..... so it's probably right for you.



Nov 27, 2008
From Terri's comment, I'd be curious to know if anyone has confessed to hearing voices (to a shrink) and not ended up in a mental ward.


Me too Dode. What an interesting question.

Take care

Terri x

Dr. Truth

When the torture hit me I was living on a street named Lucifer drive. My neighbors car had two identical seat covers with pictures of the famous cartoon character " the Tasmanian Devil " with the eyes looking across to my house. Kind a freaky.

It was not long before I had lost the ability to sleep daily and had one nights sleep with an average of 2 1/2 days passing before I could have another nights sleep. After a few years of this I had lost a complete years worth of nights sleep. By then the skin on my stomach had the appearance of wrinkled skin of someone well over 100 years in age. My hair on the left side of my head was also beginning to fall out. I began to investigate what the heck was going on.

I realized that one must understand the completeness of reality if one is going to weed out all misunderstandings concerning what exactly this so called Schizophrenia was all about.

In the land of religion it is always said that we go to the other side after we die, thus if true then another place exists and this other place is connected to this reality otherwise we could not move from here to there.

Eventually I understood the mechanics of reality and immediately understood the reasoning behind such things as particle-wave duality. In the famous 2 slit light experiment, light seems to behave as though it is constructed of waves, yet if one has detectors detecting the photons of light passing through the 2 slits, the wave like behavior collapses and the photons suddenly behave like particles instead.

It turns out that if events are governed from the "other side ", a four dimensional side that extends across time as well, conditions across a certain complete time period determine the end result event. Thus as a photon spins and moves across space, it cuts across space in a corkscrew shape manner, and when viewed from the other side, the complete corkscrew shaped path of the photon is seen that extends all the way from the source to the destination.

Thus when events are governed from the other side, we have complete corkscrew like shapes possibly blocking the complete corkscrew like shaped path of another photon, thus creating wave-like interference patterns. If we step into the picture in our real time, we cause the other sides holistic event from continuing onward by now replacing it with real time events. This creates what is presently called the collapse of the quantum wave, but in truth it is a collapse of an across-time holistic event.

Thus when certain parts of the brain, or nerves within the body, are not active in real time, those on the other side can make them become active via activating Holistic events. Doing this, those on the other side can make absolute fools of people and put people through sheer agony of immense scales and get away with it since the rest of mankind does not believe a word spoken by a so called schizophrenic.

They can even perform negative miracles such as keep someone alive. What is negative about this is that they do it such that they can torture someone to an extent that is far beyond that which is required to kill a person. Once again no one will believe what the victim has to say about just how bad their hell experience was because others then say that it should have killed them if it was as bad as they said it was.

The religious folk only think that only positive miracles exist, and so they too ignore such reports.

Miracles seem miraculous because mankind cannot see the cause of such an event. This is because the cause is from the other side, not from our side of reality. Meanwhile people of this world look for a cause of schizophrenia on our side and thus end up in error. On top of that, the victims do not know of this external holistic source and so they too look for a 3 dimensional explanation of a huge 4 dimensional event.

End result is that they have to magnify things known of here in our world to try and explain what is going on. This creates a twisted explanation with things now blown right out of proportion, thus once again the world thinks that this so-called schizophrenic is a nut-case indeed.

By the way, once understanding this 2 plane structure of reality, if you convert it into equations, the equations turn out to be identical to those known as the Lorentz Fitzgerald Contraction Equation, the Time Dilation Equation, the Lorentz Transformation Equations, and the Velocity Addition Equation. All these equations are related to Einstein's Special Relativity Theory.

Since Holistic across-time governed events occur, this also explains things like what Einstein called " Spooky Action at Distance", and such things as " Entangled pairs ", " Quantum leaps ", etc..

Unfortunately, if you are bright enough to figure such things out, then society says that there is something wrong with you because you are not like them, " you are not one of us " is what they are subconsciously thinking. This explains why one of Einstein’s teachers told his parents that Einstein was a " Backward child ", " A slow learner ", " An up coming high school dropout ", and " An overall hopeless case that had no academic future to be looking forward to ", simply because Einstein was ahead of the rest in a unique way.

Dr. Truth

Oh and by the way, since those on the other side can look across time, they can control and coordinate someone’s mind with an upcoming TV show or movie, or perhaps a radio show, and thus make it seem as though the person is being communicated with via the TV or Radio, etc.

Once again they make complete fools of people by doing this.

In other words, if an average person watches a movie, they react in a normal manner as they watch it. However, if ones mind has been previously prepared for this upcoming event of watching this movie, and ones mind is still being governed to a degree while watching it, a second awareness evolves from this.

Under normal circumstances the mind basically sits still as the movie moves. But via the nasty help from the other side, the mind is being moved as well and thus the victim sees or hears something that the regular viewer does not.


Apr 20, 2010
One day my voices insisted I must accept that "I" am God. For the carrot they kept holding out that they would introduce me to my soul-mate when I did. I kept saying I'm a creation of God and therefore part of God but they insisted I believe that I am God. Hours later I gave in and said alright I am God. Then as the many voices came to talk to me one voice kept saying to tell them you are. Well after I said I am God they got a lot nicer and more respectful. It was an interesting afternoon.


Hi :)

I have always been open about my voices to health care people and they have not just thrown me into hospital for it.
It depends on how you react to them voices and wether you are in psychosis.
Hospital is not something doctors do lightly, it has a lot of paperwork attached.

Back to the God thing.
To be honest I do not beleive in Him, so I know that the voices are nothing to do with Him.
Everyone has their own beleifs though and what ever helps you cope with the voices. Fair enough.

I think you saying that the only thing voices can be is the word of God could be dangerous to new voice hearers.
Everyone's experience of voice hearing is different, plus the actual realisation of where they come from is personal to that person.

If no medical people and even scientists can not say what voices are for certain, how can you?

I think you just need think about writing something so set in concrete. God's words are NOT the only option for the experience of voice hearing.
Please everyone remember that.

Elf :)

Elf :)


One day my voices insisted I must accept that "I" am God. For the carrot they kept holding out that they would introduce me to my soul-mate when I did. I kept saying I'm a creation of God and therefore part of God but they insisted I believe that I am God. Hours later I gave in and said alright I am God. Then as the many voices came to talk to me one voice kept saying to tell them you are. Well after I said I am God they got a lot nicer and more respectful. It was an interesting afternoon.

Hey Kurt

I could not help but laugh because voices told me I was that as well, they also then told me God was our pussy cat because I would not accept that I was, and I could not stop laughing: you know what, I can't half work it out. I guess you are not a Christian man then, wink, wink. It's obvious; howdo you think Adam and Eve started, by hearing the voice of God, and then they became god and goddess and thereafter all the way down the line right back to reincarnation and men on earth. That's why there are so many people who are told that they are God these days because they are and the original pa Yahew is still there and has not come down to earth, not like Jesus has done by the power of the holy spirit and not through water these days. It's all come back to haunt us with the heavens collapsing. I've been god more times than I've had hot dinners, along with queen elizabeth 1st reincarnation, the ayatollah, our god our father, queen elizabeth II's mum, and prince andrews auntie!!!!

The word God means nothing more than the christian you are and not to pray to any God whatsoever or other people on earth who are called God by voices from the other side will be receiving all our prayers and then we are up the creek without a paddle. So that's why I don't go to church any longer, because they are all still praying to God and where's the sense in that, because that word has loads of meaning to satan's lotIaccept Jesus for what he is and I suppose that is why he came down to me while I was in my bath entirely within the holy spirit, and entered my vagina and womb to protect me from the evil ones who wanted to create me as their Jezebel. Well, you know what, they didn't get me and now they never will because I hit the menopause and now it's b****y fantastic, because I was really scared I would end up as the one and only.

Sometimes I do pop in on a Sunday, not to take part, just to listen and see what's going off& whenthey start saying 'we are not fit to eat the crumbs from underneath God's table' it all becomes very interesting because there is lots of black 'stuff' flying around from hell, which no one can see other than myself and one Alpha male. All very fascinating, isn't it? The voices also say I am the great Arch Angel Gabriel with faith healing power. Well, there are often loads of pink folk around me when I'm there, so I don't suppose I am!Queen Liz II looks a bit peaky these days, don't you think? Nudge, nudge, wink, wink.

Why not give it a go at your local c of e church like I have. Those voices even said I was the Lamb of God, after the real devil who had called me his Jezebel Devil Womanlost me, so I guess I had a lucky escape, lol. X

Anyone else, had this experience then, male or female?

Lots of take cares,

Terri xx


New member
Mar 8, 2009
One day my voices insisted I must accept that "I" am God. For the carrot they kept holding out that they would introduce me to my soul-mate when I did. I kept saying I'm a creation of God and therefore part of God but they insisted I believe that I am God. Hours later I gave in and said alright I am God. Then as the many voices came to talk to me one voice kept saying to tell them you are. Well after I said I am God they got a lot nicer and more respectful. It was an interesting afternoon.
You could be God as well as any other. That is as misleading as saying there is a God.

No my voices are not God speaking to me. The only God is a work of fiction written by mere man to help men understand the works that were confusing. Pure fairy tale just like the toothfairy. there is much evidence to show the extreme unlikelihood of a God presence.

I am a believer that the voices are an extension of myself. A lot like Jung believed his mother was mother 1 and mother 2 personality. Or even his own selves. Those with voices have an insight into the mind that mere "sane" mortals can only wish for. We are so far ahead of the normal people.


I think you need your house re-wired. I had problems with my electrical appliances too but it was not until I moved to a very modern house (ie. not long re-wired) that I stopped having these problems.
I do like reading your posts. I learn a lot from them. Cheers!



Same here, first year of voices, trying to pull me
into believing all sorts of delusion (snares).

Droyce, you and Elf both share similar beliefs, and so
you two might want to chat.

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