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Voices are putting up a fight.



They are not happy at all that I have a plan to try and deal with them.

My CPN is referring me for some long term therapy as the short term didn't help.
They hate the idea of me trying something actually anything to get rid of them. I am suffering now with just typing this.

Over the past two months they have been encouraging me to take overdoses.

I am as my CPN says "walking a tightrope" in the sense of, I take an overdose to make them think I am overdosing to kill myself when in fact I am just taking enough to make me out of it. This is risky I agree but it is the only thing that works.

Every day recently I have been self harming (cutting) just to quiet them down, so hopefully they won't be so intense on the amount of the pills they want me to take.

I feel so angry at the voices for putting me through this. However it is my fault for not dealing with my problems when they came up.

Oh well.

Elf :(


Thank you for the reply. :)

It really means a lot. I will take what you have to say to mind.

I really hope they choose to take it easy for a while. However I think I know the answer to that one already. :(

Elf :(


Well-known member
Apr 28, 2010
i haerd of any idea that was just to hold your breaath and to tell God to get rid or decrease the voices, self harm is not a good coping idea, these voices are from hell, stay on the earth with health and well being, that is the best frustration against them possible, or put it back on them instead of putting up with their stuff. or say shazam.


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Nov 30, 2008

Elf is not religious, and so I just want to put what you said in different terms for her, just to ease her mind at bit.

Elf, quality of life is everything, and it may help you(s) to try and make some changes in your life to try and improve your outlook on life. A house against itself cannot stand, and so you might want to experiment, make a long "to do list" list of priorities, ambitions, and necessitites in life, long and short term, just to see if you can get them moving in another direction. The voices are very good at this, good at teaming up to make things happen; and they will always prepare the thesis (as we all know).

The MPD groups do not call the voices spirit guides or entities, but instead refer to them as alter-egos, alter-personalitites, alters, or "shattered selves". The child alters are called "littles". There is usually a protector or dominant principal present, team leader, and he or she is the one you can call on, and rely on, to make the others behave, comply. The dominant personality can exercise influence over the others, and can call on them for assistance, or to do unwanted tasks.

Dissociative Disorders FAQ: http://faqs.org/faqs/dissoc-faq/part1



Feb 22, 2009

In May it will be one year since I have heard voices, I have not used any drugs beyond sleep aids. I usually take a full or half pill everynight since falling asleep is my biggest task at this point in dealing with voices. In the first few weeks I hurt myself. I banged my head multiple times and I also hurt myslef with a pair of scissors. Realizing these tactics are NOT a healthy coping mechanism, I stopped any type of physically harmful behaviour. At one point I cut my (very long) hair into a sort of bob, to keep myself from hurting myself.

I took control of what I could (exercise, bad habits, diet, sleep) and suffered/suffer with the things I can not control. In my experience no one voice has any power over the other. I started with 3 voices, all butchered me verbally and emotionally. It took weeks but I began intense dialogues with them and they eventually became protective of me. A forth entered in within a few weeks of having easement on the negative feedback. The forth became vicious, much worse than the 3 previously combined. The 3 began to verbally fight the 4th, protecting me when possible. I This is where I have stayed for months now.

After months I can ignore them most often except when resting quietly. I have come to understand a lot more about myself from this experience and I'm very confident they will eventually diminish entirley. I know you are not religious, I'm not either. I do not believe in religion, I believe in a creator. God is a personal relationship, even an athiest has a relationship with God, they are a person who believes they do not have a relationship with the things we can not explain. Many people here offer advice, it's all they can do for you. Any advice worth listening too is spoken in truth. So pick and choose from all of these people's truths.

Some ideas of mine....
I internally "shout down" the voices. Meaning I with all my inner power (you will feel your heart rate increase) scream. Just like if I was in a deserted place and needed to scream, but it is heard by no one but you and "them". I have found this hushes them momentarily. I also spit back the venom they bring. Call em as you "hear" em. Read out loud, HUM!, sing. Walking helps me, if I have to I internally name what I smell, hear, see. I desribe it all.

Listen, ask question if able. With some people I think they are the voices lacking in your life. The understanding you need to find for yourself, the ridding of shame, the encouraging of self, the FORGIVING of self. If they are not helping you, have faith you will have them helping soon. :)


How's it going eisce

Long time now see.

You got no pain?

Terri x


New member
May 15, 2009
Quite frankly i think your CPN is full shit and that he or she doesnt know what the hell he or she is talking about because he or she has not been throught the same thing as you. Now if he or she had the proper commen knowelge as we. if they where so fucking smart she or he would understand the fact it is a simple couping skill that not all but some use. But she or he is way too fucking niggirsh to understand that thats what normal people do is to talk to themself. and believe or not she or he does the same thing but yet she or he is in denile or doesnt want to admit it therefore they do not properly treat. and yes she or he has probley caught them self during such act.Just image each voice as an individual person and its up to us to figure out rather its a buddy or an enemy. And just like all people it calls for us to determine how we classify each person or voice. Now it could be the possiblity of it truly being 666 talking. No matter rather if your a believer of God or just plan athiest. And I can tell you now from this stand point unless you think of evil and do such acts of evil that this voice is nothing but an pure enemy and demond of the underworld. For if this voice is enticing you to do bad act but you dislike the life style athough it might seem like the voice is winning believe it you have the control to channel it out. If that wont help I would highly suggest that you create a more like God charater just how this person came to mind. Believe it or not you had some part of creating this creature or person somehow and from somewhere. and determine as of why it is there if possible sometime you just cant figure it out really. And accept that other person because its a part of you too, like the one you talk to now. But whatsoever I am not implying you are necessarily the bad one. Because we are not alway pointed in the right direction from the then and now but yet I myself have fallen in a simmiler situation as you. also it could be from the fact you didnt have the best of the best childhoods where it seemed as if evil followed any how.
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