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Voices and other issues



Well-known member
Feb 23, 2018
I posted not too long ago about my medication and stuff. That's gotten sorted on Wednesday, I saw my consultant and am now on trazadone once a day and promazine three times a day.

The past week or so I've had trouble with voices again, only this time its different than the last time. Last time it was one voice and I managed with it till it went. Now it's multiple and they are all having arguments over me and what I need to do, I had enough last night and ended up self harming. I was 10 days without so I now hate myself massively, now they keep telling me to overdose or they would do something. I feel really helpless in this situation right now, I've told my care team about it all including my carers where I live but there's nothing they can do to help because it's in my head.
The promazine is supposed to help with this stuff but it's not and that worries me. The trazadone doesn't even knock me put at night so I'm still struggling with sleep. I don't know I'm stuck yet again 😔