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Voices and decision making



Jan 22, 2010
My voices often tell me what to do and what not to do.

How much, on average, do you take 'their' advice?

They slow me down whatever.
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Jul 4, 2009
Essex England
i have similar..i dont take any notice of the negative suggestions they make..even though that is at times very difficult..if..and this is rarely..if i get a positive suggestion from them that will make me feel quite good and i may follow it.depending on what it is...if its soemthing like go out and spend all your money i dont do that.lol.


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Nov 5, 2009
Just keep in mind that you can take notice of these voices as you can of other people's voices. For example, you might listen to an important person's voice in your life and not listen to someone else's. What I am trying to say is just because these voices tell you to do something doesn't mean you should, they are of course just sounds that come from no source other than your head.


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May 26, 2009
Hi I hear negative voices I don't do what they tell me it's very hard Especially when I'm under a lot of stress because they are a hell of a lot louder and more abusive.
Wendy x:D


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Nov 19, 2009
in a waking dream
i hear a voice from time to time mostly at evening time and wen trying to sleep he is very intimidating trying to get me to do things and the worst is wen he laughs at me loudly the other times its just mumbles and noise but i never speak to him i ignore him totally wich is really difficult:mad: but im hoping he will go away...its been hard not following throgh with commands especially wen was ill.
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