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Apr 14, 2015
I've never seen ghosts,
Buy I still believe.

I've heard one once.
The fort at the promanade is haunted.

And I've felt one,
My partners father died on 12.12.12.

I stayed over,
This is before I moved in,
And I was asleep downstairs,
3 days after,
My hairs went up on my neck,
And there was a tingling sensation over my body,
Never felt anything like it before,
The night after this,
The same thing,
Only a lot more stronger,
More intense,
I have never been so scared,
There was a real strong smell of cigarettes,
And I could feel my father in law standing in the doorway,
I just froze up.
I still get annoyed at myself,
As I could of said goodbye,
And how much I looked up to him,
But I didn't.
I never felt like that before,
And didn't know what to do.

I have never mentioned this to any
This to my mother in law or my partner,
Or her sisters.