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visit to my shrink /both of us



when i first told my shrink about the visitor (my depression )for those who will not know ,id already been seeing him for 2 years ,he asked how long had i been seeing things ,gruffly i replyed since i was seven its here now at my side ,and i added ,im not seeing things it is here always .why can i not see it
if he is with you now,i replied i didnt say its gender ,and you cannot see because it is my visitor ,and if you were depressed yours may manifest itself
as something different. he asked can i stand at your side ,yes i replied ,he came slowly over and stood at my left ,asking me again what is your visitor doing now ,i replied its stood at this side pointing to the right ,the shrink moved around to the right side ,can you see the visitor now ,yes i replied
were is it he asked ,it stands within you ,a lean dark shadow something like an xray i reply ,does it not move he asked ,no it knows no physical boundries
it can harm you ,but only by my hand thats why i keep everyone at arms lentgh ,closeness is something i dare not posses.he returned to his seat
jotted something down ,my time was up ,the shrink told me he found the way
i dealt with my life interesting and would like to talk about the visitor on my next visit ,i said fine and walked to the door on opening the door i said goodbye and left ,i had only walked a few feet away from the door when it
opened and the shrink said to me with a slight smirk ,mr ,,,,,,you didnt hold the door for the visitor ! i replyed with a smile ,pherhaps its still in the room
the shrink didnt smirk now ,and im sure he peeked sheepishly back into his room .the shrink and i often play these games ,i know he waits for me to slip
,but the clever shrink is no match for the visitor ,thats why to this day i remain in its grasp ,and will live this way forever ,

and i have to be honest i wouldent know how to live without it ,

i hope things havent been to dark for you all today ,my freinds ,the freinds
i havent met yet ,close your eyes when your frightened and alone in the dark
and look into that viod with your mind ,and you will see my arms reaching out
to catch your fall ,,,,,,,,bless you ,who ever you may be ,,,,,,JETBOY


Well-known member
Oct 10, 2009
London, UK
this is really beautifully written, it reads like a passage from an edgar allen poe story.


So kind thanks

thankyou ,glad you enjoyed it ,this is a true story though ,taken from a life
taken by deppression ,but filled with gifts that come from the darkness were
i dwell,,,,,and your gift was the enjoyment you got from reading it ,,,JETBOY
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