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Video: Borderline Personality: Loved Ones - You Can't Rescue Them



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Jul 1, 2018

I thought this was a good video, although I strongly disagree with the point of people who leave BPD patients should leave and be OK with it.

Listening to her talk helped me realize what my abandonment issue is, and who it was. She's going to pay for it by spending the rest of her pathetic life feeling guilty. Mum can ask me if I want her to die all she wants, because at this point I just don't care. She allowed this mess to grow out of control, and now she is going to pay.


really interesting video

its hard to come to terms with people constantly leaving us, but at the same time if they are hurt because of us we can't really blame them for walking the other way, but I get why you disagree, I think when it comes to reality I would too because the thought of anyone abandoning me dreads me every single day

she's right that no one can really rescue us, but at the same time I still think bpd people need some sort of support system so they aren't completely alone