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Vestibular Circuitry Helicopter



Well-known member
Sep 12, 2016
I talk about using an imaginairy keyboard and screen to type in commands into the circuitry. A lot of you don't take me seriously. What I've noticed with my gyroscope setup and using a circuitry keyboard is I can type in commands without really knowing what I'm typing and create effects on the circuitry. My subconscious leads me along without my conscious mind knowing exactly what is being said. The music into my gyro setup will come out and play in people's vestibular's and bounce around between them and do different things when I get the tail involved with my circuitry computer. I also use the idea of an imaginary helicopter with hands to tie circuitrty that floats in the middle of the room that you can set like a computer. Although a real helicopter that floats in your room and ties funny circuitry and lands to re charge on its own would be fun, what I'm really interested in is the possibility of creating a vestibular computer that is basically your brain that can you can set to do something and then have it function on its own.