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Very VERY worried about friend



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Jul 3, 2008
We were at glasto last weekend and a friend of ours who came with us got into the glasto spirit a bit too much by taking a cocktail of drugs throughout friday and friday night. I'mnot sure exactly what he took (not partaking myself, alcohol is enough:) but he definatley took a tab of E, speed, coke and a bit of someone's joint. By midnight he had become a bit quiet and withdrawn and about half an hour later told me to be careful as people were following us. I couldn't see anyone following us but held tightly to my bag and we wandered off but he was convinced people were surrounding us and were following. By now I could clearly see NOONE was following us, put it down to him having had far too many things that were addling his brain and persuaded him back to the camp where he sat up all night 'guarding' and questioning anybody walking past.
He seemed better the next day until saturday night where he refused to go to bed and refused to really speak. He stayed like that until sunday where he just sat with his head in his hands and again was convinced people were surrounding our camp. He said he could hear them talking about destroying our tents and he had to go into his tent alone, if anyone went with him they too would 'be targeted by the evils'. He stayed like this all weekend. On sunday night he said he could hear people walking round his tent pegging it down and he could hear people saying to burn his tent to kill him. He was so frightened he wet himself.
On the monday on the way home he phoned the police whilst at a petrol station telling them he was being kidnapped, they sent a police car and a helicopter he was obviously so convincing.
The thing is it's now thursday and he's convinced and won't admit it's in his head that a friend of ours who was also there has hired people to kill him. He call them 'the evils', he won't go home at certain times because his house is being watched, he can't go to work as 'they have that covered too' and he still hasn't slept. He won't talk to any of us who were with him at glasto as then he's led them to us too.
How do we convince him to go to the GP? I've phoned Frank and they said drug induced paranoia shouldn't really be lasting this long and to seek medical help. But where do we start? He won't admit it's not real so getting him to the GPS is going to be impossible.

Please please help
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Hi -

I have a lot of experience of drugs & paranoia. We are all very different, we all react differently to drugs. All I can say is that when people have engaged me with a friendly, non -threatening approach & discussed the content of the ideas I am having, I have found it has helped. The more people have reacted with fear, hostility, & altered their behaviour, in the same way it has affected my "condition". I am not saying it is your fault or that you are contributing to it. Just that when people have taken what I have said seriously - i.e. "I respect that this is real to you, but maybe this could be happening instead" or similar - then I have responded more calmly. "Frank" is not the best of people for advice. Drug induced psychosis can last a long time, usually it would then be deemed to be a MH condition. During my first "drug induced psychosis" I was sectioned for 4 months. I think that it was more than the drugs with me, who knows it's chicken & egg stuff; but drugs do seem to exasperate MH conditions.

I would try to get your friend into a calm & non threatening environment. It may be that their best bet is to get psychiatric help; which if he is in a paranoid state may have to involve the police & a section; which may be inevitable anyway.

What happened when he had called them himself & the helicopter was sent up?
lucid scream

lucid scream

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Jan 22, 2008
Looking down from the bridge
there's not much you can do if he does'nt want to stop doing drugs. he may resent your trying to force him into anything. and your talking about a 2 or 3 week period where he used drugs VERY heavily. that cocktail would kill most people.
all you can do is try to talk some sense into him. but if his behaviour is extreme enough to attract attention (a helicopter?) he'll be in some institution soon, i'll bet.


I've tried to contact Gp's on the behalf of unwell friends and because of patient confidentiality the will not speak to you

But you could write a letter and send it to his GP..
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