Very Sneaky Anxiety Attacks



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Feb 18, 2019
Delaware, USA
I didn't really even notice until a day or two that my anxiety attacks morphed and were being sneakier. Now they are taking the form of extreme tiredness, especially while I am out or driving. I start feeling really tired and then get anxious that I can't stay awake. I didn't even realize until last night that if I stop and work on distraction/breathing techniques that it starts to calm and I feel much better, but this is hard to do in the moment as the relaxation techniques excite the anxiety that I'll fall asleep.

I also got off caffeine a month or so back which I'd normally use in these situations.

Compounding of course is having some difficulty sleeping, so my sleep is a bit broken, but I still think I'm getting enough that it shouldn't bring on that kind of tired waves.

Never had that problem before the last few days, but maybe my anxiety is morphing now that it realizes I can get through other situations without anxiety?

Any advice or suggestions?


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