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Very New and VERY Confussed?



Sep 19, 2009
Hi everyone :confused:I have recently had a breakdown and many people have suggested I have Bipolar Disorder, I have been to the doctor quite often over the last few years, and always been told im depressed.

Yesterday however the doctor gave me my anti depressants and mentioned that he wouldnt want to put me on Lithium just yet? Im all confussed as reading about the illness makes me feel at ease as its a way forward for me not to be in limbo so to speak....

I really dont know if I am or not and I really dont know what Im doing here to be honest Im just tired of feeling alone and none of my loved ones know what to say or do.

Thanks for listening


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Aug 3, 2009
I don't know if you is, or if you isn't. I do know what you're doing here: Finding support! Families can get rather weird around mental health problems (mine are!), I don't know if it's because they think it could be them next... They tend to get a bit judgemental too, but, here, there's none of that, coz we is all weird here! (Apologies to any who ain't!) :D


nommers, is it you i have already spoken to on another thread, my brains in overload and wasnt going to post today as abit edgie! (polite way of putting it)

not all doctors know everything! they aint gods and never will be. though i do believe that some of them are more screwed up and popping pills more so then i will ever be or do!!!!

my p-doc is an arse, he will be told that once i get to see the bas***d again, and i will at some point!!!

im in limbo again, had BP, could have a personality disorder to but nope after a phone call to my GP he (the bas***d) pegs me as depressed!!! 18 months of something and now back to not being believed, as i must make this all up for the hell or it and because it must be fun for me and my loved ones to live this nightmare of my own imagination!!!!

i see this is turning into a rant for me in your thread, but atm i cant help it. im in an angry mood and to be held in limbo for months at a time is upsetting and as you say confusing as they dont live it. they give the pills, tell you to top it up with benzo's and leave you to it most of the time. they just dont bloody listen!!!

all in my opinion of course. i may not of helped you nommers but at least i cared enough to listen.

schizzzoid i would rather be wierd and talking on here then be a pompus arse doctor.

mad as a hatter

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Jul 23, 2008
I agree with u unremarkable they a bunch arseholes and there good at giving us pills not them that have 2 tk them either ur quite right 2 be angry i would be 2


Sep 25, 2009

We all feel lost sometimes, and we all go through diffierent things. We all here are here for each other , and will be here for you when u need us.
feel free to post away : )


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Mar 17, 2008
is your Dr a psych or a GP... Not sure if Gps can diagnose Bipolar?


Sep 19, 2009
My Dr is just a GP, Im back to see him tommorow


Hi nommers yes this is a very supportive forum,which ever whot ever the only people in this m h world that will proberly believe you listen to you and try to support you is here though occasionaly you will meet some good profesional persons I have a handful of great people that have helped me though dont be fooled some of themdoctors are probs popping stuff more than anyone it once used to be quite common to be a high degree of alcholics in the profeesion,allegadely.It isnt for me to judge though I have meet a few and nurses who quite clearly were barking and certainly on a power trip all in the name of research perhaps,they need to understand the product!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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