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  • Safety Notice: This section on Psychiatric Drugs/Medications enables people to share their personal experiences of using such drugs/medications. Always seek the advice of your doctor, psychiatrist or other qualified health professional before making any changes to your medications or with any questions you may have regarding drugs/medications. In considering coming off psychiatric drugs it is very important that you are aware that most psychiatric drugs can cause withdrawal reactions, sometimes including life-threatening emotional and physical withdrawal problems. In short, it is not only dangerous to start taking psychiatric drugs, it can also be dangerous to stop them. Withdrawal from psychiatric drugs should only be done carefully under experienced clinical supervision.

Venlafaxine (from Lofepramine)

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Nov 30, 2018
I'm currently switching from Lofeprame to Venlafaxine (slow release, 70mg to begin with). Apparently supposed to take 4 weeks to lessen Lofep, I took 2. Got confused. Today is 2nd day of no anti-depressants. Been suffering bad withdrawal symptoms for past week. Today I'm irritable and otherwise numb. Seeing my girlfriend later. Really hope I don't fall out with her. Only my second proper relationship ever and this is how my last one ended. Thankfully a lot is different, such as my current gf having issues herself and having worked to tutor people like myself so she's far more understanding. My head's a mess. Do you reckon 2 days is enough of no pills before I start taking Venla? Will Venla make me comatosed? I hope not...


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Dec 17, 2018
California, US
Hi. Doctors typically provide a schedule of how to taper medications and its very important to follow that the best you can. If you missed dose, just take it as scheduled the next interval. Do not cease taking your medication before. I'd advise you for your health and mood to use all 4 weeks.