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Nov 4, 2010
Hi guys...Hope you're all doing well..

Just called my psychiatrist as my wife cant handle my 'so called' mood swings and says i do or say nasty things just for a reaction..I dont know i do this..Anyways she is considering a divorce and weve bin married 1yr and been together 2yrs...she has 6yr old boy with adhd from previous and 1yr old son with me...stress here makes me worse and my thoughts are getting out of control...psychiatrist placed me on citalopram at 20mg daily and they worked except i was raging with anger inside me...he is now writing to my doctor to place me on VALPROID..Has anyone tried this drug? i dont wanna gain weight or lose my wife..I seem to sometimes want her but not 6yr old..i feel like an asshole..Any info on this drug?? I've started drinking whisky more often too..im 32yrs old and have bad back pain/slipped disc...psych said if i start drinking they cant help meThanx


do you mean Valproate?

if so i take this drug along with an anti-d

it does cause weight gain but nothing too bad which cant be corrected.

i had afew side effects with the drug but nothing bad at all. at my max dose i was on 2gs but i have since asked for this to be reduced down to 1200mg. its an anti-seizure drug but now found to be effective with stablizing moods.