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Useful Coping Strategies and Options for Dealing with Distressing Voices



Well-known member
Dec 9, 2007
The World
You might find some useful coping strategies on this webpage:

The following web page outlines a range of different options for dealing with distressing voices, including medication, talking therapies and peer support.



Well-known member
Aug 1, 2014
Hi Mischief,

Thanks for this, could also add my own coping management and essential tools for voices?

I always listen to music, and musicals, throuigh my headphones from my personal cd player and knitting, and also listen to music whilst at the computer in at home, and at my offline volunteering;

working out to fitness dvds, either chair or normal standing fitness workouts, please note that eventually horray, we're hoping to replace our broken down unit dvds, in the week, soI couldn't be more relieved to then resume working out again.

Self re referred back to Day Centre for activities, and thereafter, should I experience problems, then the usual routine, on go the headphones, back to at home, and listen to music.

That's something else I was going to add, please do seek professional (to the reader with voices this is) medical mental he alth advice, and treatment, and you can either contact crisis team, attached to community mental health teams, or book a GP appointment I have 2 or 3 ways in my practice, same day, advanced or review request, for me, same day I do not like, so I automatically will book a advanced appointment, to disclose and discuss about mental health.

If needing extra support, contact Rethink, google them, via search enginge, or the samaritans.

I have mostly been vey well of my voices and hearing things, it's only been recent, that mine, and including Americanised voices and thoughts, intrusive thoughts, have reared their ugly head openings.

These are just a few tricks, and essential help tools for dealing - extra tricks wise, distressing voices.

At present I am a picture of mental health, no heard voices or intrusive thoughts.

Have a good day all,

Once again, thanks very much Mischief, for this you're extra input is always of high value and extra high support for our fellow members.

Best regards all,