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Sep 25, 2008
Now the problem I am having is whether or not this person is a friend or not or should I drop this friendship. Well last week this person that i have been just knowing for five years told me after the fact and after four years that my kids father had been cheating on me with different females while I was pregnant with both of my kids. And said she knew all along but did not want to say anything because of a rumor that she told me before about him and I eventually confronted him about it and he became angry because I was suppose to moving to the city where he stayed when i became pregnant. When I came to visit the rumor was confronted in front of her and him, and she then said that it was told to her from some guy that she liked at that time that knew my ex very well, my ex hated her from the thing s he would say like: she was fat and ugly and she was a liar and fake and was jeolous of me and he denied the rumor.

I have even question my self and other friends about the value of me and her friendship from the things she says and does just sometime reading between the lines in the things that she says sometimes I wonder if she is not happy with her self or something like me being smaller than her me in college a lot of things I do seems like she competes with that , is it me tripping or what? Now she just found out she is pregnant by a guy who has now moved to chicago for a job who she has known for two years and has not took her out even once and lives three hours away from her so im wondering if she is just miserable and beacuse im doing well in college and so forth I just don't get this friend. And now she claims that's why she did not tell me until after four years and continued to talk to me be cool with me and go out with me all along knowing about this. Not only that but now tells me that he tried to at first talk to her long before i came in the picture.

So my question that boggles me is ( Could this be pure revenge or jealousy or she truly did not want to get in the middle of me and him like she claims, because i don't think I can trust a person like that anymore). And we had stop talking for about 9 months before in the past, and when I first met my ex she used to just stare all the time outside at me and him until she decided to say something to me and became my friend. Im just skeptical of her altogether now or maybe Im taking this all out of text I don't know. Please someone give me their Best Advice on this!! :unsure:THANK YOU..


Chinese whispers - I would take it all with a pinch of salt

A true friend is someone you would trust with your life


I don't think it is a mental health issue and I suggest that it would be better in a forum that talks purely of relationships.


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Apr 18, 2008
The way I see it, she's just trying to be a friend. Have you ever considered the fact that she might be telling the truth; that your guy IS cheating on you and HE is the liar?

In many cases, women who are jealous of you and your life would try their best to avoid you in every way because it would make them feel bad about themselves. Approach these rumours with an open mind; because if they are true you will need a friend around.
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