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Aug 12, 2020
I feel sad and scared. My sister still isn't talking to me. I did nothing wrong and she turned it around on me. (see previous posts). Things are going down hill I can't make myself go to Dr. appts. I have no support of any kind. I can't seem to reach out for help I think of things I want to do but that's as far as it goes. It's like something keeps stopping me from making changes, being happy. I need help but my brain tells me I can't do it, one day I want help and the next day I don't. I'm afraid of what's going to happen to me. I don't understand what keeps me a prisoner locked in this nightmare. I am greatful for the support I get on here. How do I fight a brick wall to get to the other side?


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Mar 6, 2017
You did not create an insect that flies for two or three days and then dies, you are not an antelope that eats from plants for a year or two and then is destined to die at the hands of a hunter, then he eats you and throws leftovers in the garbage, you are not a tree that cannot move from its place until it dies and becomes a waste, you You are not ... etc. You are a great person, talented, you have a great mind, there are great treasures within you but you do not know how to use them, you must know that you are a precious thing, you must feel happy for all of that, you precious treasure, give me only a little of it, to live in Overjoyed.
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