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Ups and Downs



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May 1, 2009
Hello All

I have been diagnosed with Depression but wondered if anyone else has experienced simalr to the following:

I usually feel down, sometimes very down. A good day for me is usually feeling numb. I previously posted a thred regarding my disscontinuation of my anit depressant and mood stabiliser (of my own accord). Since then I have experienced a few ( what I would call very godd or high days). Do you think this could be because I am getting better or is it possible I could be showing symptoms of Bi polar?

I am still having down and very down days, but sometimes (today) I would say I am on a high. Perhaps it feels like a hight to me because I haven't felt like this in such a long time, or perhaps it is a genuine high. I feel really confident, I'm at work at the moment and keep trying to engage in conversations with peopkle. Whilst my concentration is still very bad ( hence not actually working) I feel very sociable and "silly".

Just wondered If anyone has an opinion as to wether I could be getting better or if there is an underlying issue.:D:D:D:cool::p


Hi Tainted

Unfortunately I can't diagnose, however I have had depression for many years but did get the odd day when I was very happy, giggling and laughing. I think most people do.

Now I am on the road to recovery I am having more and more of those days, and it did prompt someone to say that I was always laughing and joking these days, what did I think of Biploar?!
I explained to him that this was probably the real me that they haven't encountered before because I have been so depressed, that I am by nature very positive without the depression. I said that yes lately I have felt euphoric however it is because I am so happy not to have the weight of depression on my shoulders and clouding my every thought. I'm remembering what it is like to be happy. I am sure I will get used to being this way and won't feel quite so euphoric, but i'm enjoying it whilst it lasts. :)
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