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Unique study will look at benefits of dance, UK



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Mar 23, 2009
Researchers are calling on people to join a unique movement workshop as part of a study into the benefits of dance on society.

The 18-month study, funded by a £250,000 grant from the Economic and Social Research Council, will be conducted by researchers at Brunel University London alongside academics at University College London and University of Cambridge, and performance artist Matthias Sperling.

Dr Guido Orgs, Lecturer in Psychology at Brunel University London, said: "This is an extremely unique project, which we hope will give us new insights into why people enjoy the performance arts and which may lead to new treatments for psychological issues such as obsessive compulsive disorder and autism."

People are invited to take part in the first large-scale experiment of the study - a two-hour workshop at Brunel's Antonin Artaud Theatre on Saturday 21st or Sunday 22nd March.

The study will involve a one-hour exercise class, followed by some simple questionnaires and cognitive tasks. Participants will be paid and anyone with a basic level of fitness can take part. However, they must be over 18 years old and have normal or corrected vision.

For more information and to register to take part, contact [email protected].

Unique study will look at benefits of dance, UK Medical News Today


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Sep 29, 2013
It wouldn't surprise me if there were some mental health benefits. Dancing gives all the movement, rhythm, memory, physical sensation and musical portions are of the brain something completely different to think about. I've been to a few parties while experiencing symptoms, and on those two occasions got what appeared to be a complete reset which lasted a couple of days (during which all was quiet).