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Uni Polar disorder



Aug 10, 2009
Hi there,
I introduced myself over on the Bipolar forum, as I thought that I was showing signs of that, but after seeing my psychiatrist yesterday, she has assured me that i'm not bipolar.
I am however Uni Polar - haven't really read up on it properly yet, but just wondered if anyone has any info? From my understanding it's severe depression? :confused:

I have been bulimic for over 10 years, and came clean a year ago on 25th August - and haven't binged and purged since. Yay me! This seems to have triggered my depression off - as I no longer have my coping mechanism in place. It's got worse recently and my meds have been upped from 20mg, then to 40mg about 3 months ago, and now 60mg yesterday! :mad:

I'd like to get to know anyone over here who has/is suffering with severe depression and hope to help and get helped.

Hope that everyone is well. (y)
elvis the cat

elvis the cat

Well-known member
May 26, 2009
hi fortoolong i have just been given a diognosis of recurent depressive disorder which i also belive to be called uni- polar . i've been on several different anti - ds with differing doses . i'm now on venlfaxine and appear to be in remmission . from what i've read uni -polar is the depressive condition & bi - polar is depression & mania (highs& lows) . sorry theres not much more i know about the condition .
spotty xx:)
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