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Understanding Voices: What is hearing voices?



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Dec 11, 2007
What is hearing voices?

Voice-hearing is associated with a range of psychiatric diagnoses, including schizophrenia, psychosis, bipolar disorder, borderline personality disorder, dissociative identity disorder, PTSD, anorexia and severe depression. But hearing voices is not a sign that someone has a mental health problem. Some voice-hearers live well with their experiences without ever needing psychiatric help. To learn more about this experience, download ‘What is hearing voices?’

What is hearing voices (downloadable PDF)


Nov 15, 2020
I hear voices often and they often mock me and seize on my vulnerabilities. Sometimes I watch TV and believe they are talking about me although I suppose that's some kind of paranoia perhaps. The psychiatrist put me on Chlorpromazine (Largatical) to address this problem but it hasn't made much difference. Am I on the wrong medication to avoid hearing voices?

Thank you.


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Aug 1, 2014
Due to my mother not being very well in labour, while she was expecting me, I developed mental health problems, and brewing up more prominent, years later right fr om the word, go, from being born. Unfortunately, it was a med drug, that the department gave mum, and that caused such problems for me, and for he r.

I'll hear voices, through in my older years, from t rauma, stress, and or tiredness, also, apart f rom hearing voice condiiton itself, i suffer with what we call in the mental health world, intrusive thoughts, these would be people feeling like, talking about me for no aparrent reason, and I suppose in a similar way, it's a bit like paranoia.

I personally take Aripipazole, or other wise known as Abilify, (I have a feeling that somebody might come along to also agr ee with me), and t his is a marvellous med, and allowing for a certain level of dose, to prevent intrusive reactions, hearing voices, and paranoia to then flare up.

I became unwell, back in 2004, and placed finally on this brillaint med, back in 2007 I personally wouldn't have any other differnt med, to counteract mental health hearing voices, etc.

However, these years, I tend to have the problems of intrusive t houghts and paranoia, much more than hearing voices.