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Understanding & supporting people with psychotic experiences



This innovative one day workshop takes a fresh look at
psychosis. Keeping personal experience at its core, the day will help
you gain insight into the world of psychosis and distressing
realities/beliefs. We will uncover some of the meaning, and sense,
behind these realities and their link to a person’s life story.
Throughout the day, we will develop a range of practical ways of
working with, and supporting, people troubled by psychotic

Future Dates:
Friday 9th January 2009
Thursday 5th February 2009

More information http://www.health.bcu.ac.uk/ccmh/update1108/MINDIN~1.pdf"]here


Hi Paul

Just read your link 'I have an alien inside of me who wants me to die'.

I remember a time when I was surrounded by thousands and thousands of spirits and there was one particular spirit, a child who sounded like my son when he spoke, thought was inside my intestines and I said 'for goodnesssake get out, you are stuck there and I don't like it. It makes me feel poorly'.

How well I can relate to your post. They all wanted to be saved by me.

It's obvious there are spirits out there pretending they are alients, not necessarily to frighten the person who is experiencing this, but merely to go on board Hubbard's spaceship. Nowadays, that really is ridiculous. And if they sound like a family member, that is even worse for the person it is happening to, so should it happen to anyone you care for, now you know.

And dust to let you know, the devil has the power to take over family members voices and make them come through to voice hearers so that they end up forever praying and trying to save them, especially if they are aware that their loved family members are following people like DI, Pagans, Hubbard or even Christ himself (forgive me for the last two words) but those words had to be said.....

Why do you think all the idiots and screwballs of the world have come through with so many people, especially Hubbard, because their was not holy spirit left through odd Jesus. Think about electricity and all those pylons and how we have harnest earth's power for greed and selfishness and how little there was about in the days of long ago. Doesn't anyone out there understand that the holy spirit is created by earth's natural resources, go to the top of the class the first person who comes up with the correct answer, namely, it starts with an e, electricity. Why the hell could it not be put underground. Why the hell do you think the holiest of holy angels were created in the first place? Why the hell do you think Darwin invented his theories, because he was being guided towards the evolution of mankind through the monkey ready for the day when all would be lost through wars and mankinds foolishness and by harnessing the worlds greatest resource. ELECTRICITY. We have that now, us behind SAINTVEIL, those living and those deaad.

So why dont you go chew bacca David I. What you gonna do when you have no hope left and all your visions of reptiles disappear and those awful black evil devils who come disguised as angles with great black wings and then change their clothes and faces to frighten you half to death ..... how you gonna cope.

You do not get behind SAINTVEIL. You have involved my son and another close family member and you are not forgiven, not like Cal, he's done stuff you could only dream about, you lucky man, David I, you've never suffered, not one iota, not like the rest, not like me, not like anyone here on Intervoice who will never have a moments fear if i have anything to do with their passing over and guess what, David I, I am not an avenging angel not for nothing.

I have the power.

Here's a question for you Tom Cruise and David Icke How much holy spirit have you ever had? If you had any at any time in any way shape or form, it was through false witness.

Now argue with that and take me to the courts if you want. You will have a job because know one knows who I am and no one can find me.

Get Lost, you nincompooks,

no god bless for you t***s