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Understanding adult children, frustrated with parents



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Jul 7, 2017
Its long but please read. It will be worth it!

This is not a thread to shame anybody who is still a child inside in their adult years, rather the opposite. I feel like there are a lot of people who have grown up but haven't grown up. I am one of them. A few things to point out

First and foremost, it is not always their fault. If blame shall be taken it can be added to the heads of those who have raised those 'children,' including teachers.

I've read and heard studies that being bullied, ostracized, excluded and neglected, or any kind of abuse can actually cause certain parts of the brain to cease functioning properly. I believe that. I was treated badly by a lot of people in a lot of ways and as a result I've had a harder time developing a proper self esteem and a proper esteem of others.

Parents who raise their children, overly chastising them, expressing disappointment, neglecting them can have drastic effects on that child's life later on down the road. Abuse can start later down the road, after that child has 'grown up.'

I love my parents but there are a lot of things they've done over the years that hurt me more then any bully, teacher, or anybody outside the family ever has. I've forgiven them over and over again but they keep overstepping their bounds. Every night I hear them talking about how they wish to be rid of me, that I'd move out but I simply can't right now. I've had a lot of financial misfortune in life, mental health issues, etc. My trust in them is ever shrinking because they're always complaining about me living here. I'm truly starting to feel like they don't love me anymore, so I spend as much time away from them as I can. I spend 90% of my time in my room. I clean up after myself, pay rent, cook my own food, and am as nice as I can possibly be to them but they don't respect me anymore. If I had the funds to move out right now I seriously would.
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