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Uncertainty intolerance tips?



Nov 22, 2020
My anxiety stems from uncertainty. I struggle to live in the moment and accept that I don’t know the outcome of actions, events or conversations.

I really want to start working on being more comfortable with uncertainty. Does anyone have any tips or ways to practice going with the flow, and not fearing the worst outcomes?

anyone else suffer with this?


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Oct 27, 2020
Orleans vermont.
I have that sometimes but i used to get it a lot. I adopted a few rules for myself.

1. Indecision is the wrong decision.
2. There is nothing i can do to change an unknown.
3. Should i even care?

The first covers when i need to make a choice with imperfect information with an unknown outcome. The second covers if im not in control, like a blood test. The last is if its something i did and i cant stop thinking about it. Its a way to remind myself i make these choices every day and im still here just like yesterday.


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Dec 17, 2018
California, US
Does anyone have any tips or ways to practice going with the flow, and not fearing the worst outcomes?
Hi. Uncertainty is the fuel for my anxiety, I can relate to what you're struggling with. There isn't one or two tips I can point to that help. Rather for me, it requires adopting a philosophy in which embracing uncertainty is not merely a better way, it's the only way. And, I have to practice this everyday.

Here are some of my thinking patterns that have helped me build some resilience to uncertainty.
  • Do I really want to know what's going to happen? How boring my life would be.
  • I don't know what is going go happen--how potentially exciting! (Anticipation)
  • "I don't know" doesn't mean "I do know, and it's going to be bad". It means I don't know.
  • When I worry if either this thing will happen or that, there is always a third option: dial down the stakes: "Whatever the outcome, I'll be okay." So far I've survived 100% of bad days.
  • The uncertainty I feel is no more uncertain than any of the other countless uncertain outcomes that I don't control. So why am I fixating on this particular uncertainty?
  • I have lots of control over of my efforts. I have some influence on outcomes. I have little to no control over other people. Efforts matter, let's focus on those.
I hope you found something useful in reading this. There are also some calming and some distracting techniques I use. Glad to share them if you're interested. Wishing you some peace and relief from anxiety.

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