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Unable to start a relationship



New member
Feb 15, 2018
I have quite bad generalized anxiety, and have had some horrific events happen over the past few years, meaning it has been worse then its ever been. I wanted to ask people who also experience generalised anxiety wether anyone has the same problem as me regarding relationships.

I pursued a girl to point where I turned down a dream job abroad so I had a chance of going out with her. I succedded and it turned out she was really in to me. However when we started going out I had a personal tragedy happen and started a very stressful job which I am close to dropping out of. The job causes a huge amount of anxiety. I moved away (not too far) and decided to meet up with her on weekends, we had only just started going out at this point. However every time it came close to going to see her on the weekend, I felt a huge sense of dread and felt very uncomfortable around her and started to doubt if she was for me. I didn't really give it a chance to the point where we never actually kissed. We are from a conservative background but even I knew that was wierd! She tried to become closer to me but I resisted. After a few months she broke up with me, because I could not make up my mind wether I wanted to be with her.

Has anyone ever had this problem? I know it sounds really wierd and I can't work out why I felt such huge anxiety before seeing her when we were officially going out, to the point where I didn't want to even kiss her or hold her hand. There was some added pressure that in my culture things tend to advance quite quickly and I did feel as though I couldn't just go out with her without the expectation of moving everything forward.

The only other person I dated I had the same problem, and I think I can just to scared to commit.


Well-known member
Jun 12, 2010
:welcome: to the forums steve,

I don't have any advice for this situation though.
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