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UK treatment for BED?



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Feb 13, 2019
Hello everyone, I think I may have BED (I'm not diagnosing myself with it).

I went to see someone about my mental health today because I was feeling very down last night. And the woman who saw me didn't understand me whatsoever. I was telling her about my eating patterns and how bad they've become. She was saying that I need find it within me to lose weight. She completely disregarded what I was saying about BED. I had to get a bit firm with her. I said I want inpatient treatment for BED, but she said that's not possible. Then I proceeded to say that The Priory Hospital offer treatment for BED. Then she said that it's a private hospital. Then I said that they do accept NHS patients.

The woman I saw was completely useless, she had no understanding of my mental health, despite reading my notes. She kind of made me cry because she was being firm with me for no reason. But I felt like crying anyway because I just felt upset.

Have any of you been diagnosed with BED and how did they treat it?


Mar 9, 2019
It seems to me very difficult to get help on the NHS for BED. I've never talked to anyone about it in depth even when I was in therapy for 18-month. I was too ashamed.

I think the go to standard therapy is the likes of CBT or DBT but ideally with a therapist who has some experience of eating disorders.
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