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Uhg I can’t even get any thoughts together and I jibber jabber about nothing when trying to socialize



all storms end eventually. there is a brighter day waiting. I used to be depressed all the time. it lead to various suicide attempts and my almost death. I decided to stop. not because I wasn't sad. but because there's still candles that need to be lit. look at where you are now. now look at where you've been. you fought you're way here. you clawed your way here. it might not be the top of the hole yet. but I'm betting you're pretty high up there. keep climbing. because you never know who is watching and secretly cheering you on. relying on you making it to believe they can too.

pass this candle on.
the happiest looking people are often the ones in the darkest places.

food for thought. what good is a candle in sunlight? when times are good? how much more it means in a dark place.