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Types of voices



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Apr 15, 2010
United States
If you all do not mind sharing with me I would like to hear what kind of voices each of you hear?

I usually hear adult voices. Usually many conversations and mumbling.

Last night I heard a little girl's voice by the age of three or four. I could not understand what she was saying, but it was interesting and very brief.

Also what are your thoughts on hypnagogia?? (hallucinations in the midst of falling asleep) I have this very bad. Im wondering if it has anything to do with my psychosis...



I'd like to relate an experience I had a few years ago

I went into hospital in Psychosis, and while I was there I wrote this (remember I wasn't well )

I wrote:

I believe Jesus was a preacher

He could see the sychronicity of Love

I can see it too - But i'm a bigger bastard than he was

( sorry about the blasphemy )

12 months later I was taken to hospital again

I heard a terrifying voice shout inside my head - shout:

'On your knees bastard'

I was greatly relieved when they injected me with acuphase and the voices stopped.
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I don't believe this voice was God or the Devil or anybody

I believe that being in hospital had triggered what I had written and my own subconcious mind was giving myself a bollocking !!!


well I dont have a problem but technically i have heard voices, i usually hear them at night and its like that buzzing sound you get in your head but then its mumbling conversation (which is like fine, whatever, doesnt bother me particularly) and i dont listen and if i try to listen i can hear, but then its like *mumblemumblemumble*HOW COULD I?? (shouting)*mumblemumble* and it makes my heart jump

and i dont know if it even counts as hearing voices because its usually in the voice of people i know or have met and it ALWAYS sounds emotional it's quite funny really the words i have genuinely felt a twinge in my heart for just because of the way they are said, sometimes with desperation sometimes dread and often disdain or hatred directed at me which isnt cool. *ENVELOPE* was one i remember haha, one of my friends saying it in an accusing and disbelieving way and it made me cry and later i felt stupid and confused "why would i cry at the word envelope??"

hope this makes sense haaha
B x


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Oct 31, 2009
I used to here the voices of people I used to know talking about me and making comments on my life and what I was doing. At the time I believed I was psychic and could hear the thoughts of people who were talking about me.

I haven't heard voices for years but last week, out of the blue, I heard a voice saying we're looking for a tree named Steve Jones. Haven't heard anything since though.


hi for me its like theres a tiny little man within my head and he runs about shouting all day long, my GP raised a good question: is it talking to me or about me? its talking to me. sometimes i hear it better in my right ear, sometimes better in my left, its like he is moving around my head and when i cant hear him at all its like i think he is inside my body. very surreal and perhaps if i can get rid of it ill be thankful that ive experienced it, rather it didnt continue since i can see it really f*cking up my life.

to all the above: was really interesting reading your experiences, thanks for sharing them


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May 31, 2010
Sydney, Australia
My voices are constant like a drone in my head, it can be random people who I do not know, male and female, they say alot of things that I can't really follow or I try not to listen to it.
I used to try and listen and work out what they were on about but it is just too hard. Alot of the time they say negative or derogatory things and are not very encouraging to say the least.

I don't listen to them because they actually never do anything, like they have threatened me many times but they never actually do anything, they just talk all day long from the time I wake up until i go to sleep, it is like a radio in my head is the best way to describe it and all they do is talk all day.

I have even heard what seemed to me like sound effects of gun shots and such, very strange, they talk about technology alot so maybe they have some kind of electronic device that they use to talk and come through my head, hard to work out what it could be though.


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Apr 28, 2010
When we fall sleep we are very vulnerable to...
Our busy life styles...
Do not perceive us to...
The content...
At times...
We therefore...
When falling to sleep..
It becomes...
An illusion...
A picture...
Some call this dream...
If we...
Are mixed to our dream...
Then ‘voices’...
Are interrupting...
Each other...
We feel as the concept to this illusion...
That it is a movie... feature...
It falls in to the retrospect of...
We become involved...
If nice...
We want to continue...
It goes over and over...
One ‘voice’...
Seems to be wanting heard more...
To shake...this...
If...you want to...
You need to rise...
Toot... (toilet call)...
And ...
Then return to bed...
The energy of...
The ‘voice’...
Or ‘voices’...
Then differ...


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Apr 28, 2010
I have a computer in my head, and the other voices have stolen all the codes, and this thing is constantly attacking my head with all kinds of controls that make me totally hate not being able to defend from this stupid attack, its some sort of insect, or something. The other voices say they are dead people, and spies from hell... The only other voice is God's Voice and he is also from hell, and he says the computer is his ticket to control... but mostly we just get burnt from not having control over this computer thing, apparently also from hell... and the spies are Assholes... and they continually try to contract out not my death constantly... and aim to create the worst computer possible for the suffer ing of the most amout of people... when jesus said "love is the answer" i totally understood what he meant...​


Jan 26, 2010
When I was 6, I heard 2 voices at night, one had a dragon's voice and told me to do evil things I'd never heard of before and the other was an evil man who was horrible to children, both of them gave me the creeps.


Apr 2, 2013
you and you alone are in control of those voices folks. tell them you will be back later you have stuff to do.. and Amy winehouse tells me to tell you all that, and Brad Pitt, and urm all the others, my mate who sadly is no longer on this plane who ended it all said to say: please try and be happy, if you are in this life 'make it as good as you can and all that'.



When 'depressed' I hear the bad voices, derogatory (they're nasty to me) and it's very upsetting - shouting & screaming 'very' loud :(. They also tell me to kill myself. I recognise the voices (people I know of & are still here today).

When 'high' I hear the good voices (again people I know, only these people have passed on/their soul's are here) & they help me :). I believe they're here with me in spirit.

I also hear large groups of many voices & it's all jumbled/mumbling. I can't make out what they're saying (it's like a busy pub or something). I find this very annoying.
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When 'depressed' I hear the bad voices, derogatory (they're nasty to me) and it's very upsetting - shouting & screaming 'very' loud :(. They also tell me to kill myself. I recognise the voices (people I know of & are still here today).

When 'high' I hear the good voices (again people I know, only these people have passed on/their soul's are here) & they help me :). I believe they're here with me in spirit.

I also hear large groups of many voices & it's all jumbled/mumbling. I can't make out what they're saying (it's like a busy pub or something). I find this very annoying.
Can I ask if your voices ever tell you to do things (like hit someone)?


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Jan 5, 2011

I get voices which are inside my head mainly, but can be whisperings around the house. sometimes they tell me |I am horrible and need to self harm, but sometimes I can't make out what they say. I have once had noe tell me to do some violent self harm, and I did, but that was only once.
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