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Newcastle,Gateshead & North Tyneside

Tyneside Women's Health

Gateshead & Head Office
30 Half Moon Lane, Gateshead, NE8 2AN
Monday – 09.00am – 5.00pm
Tuesday – 09.00am – 5.00pm
Wednesday -09.00am – 5.00pm
Thursday – 09.00am – 5.00pm
Friday – 09.00am – 4.30pm
Open late one evening per week to provide counselling services

Newcastle Office (Part time)
Corner of Claypath Street / Wilfred Street, Byker, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE6 1JQ
Monday – 1.00 – 3.00pm
Tuesday – 1.00 – 3.00pm
Wednesday – 12.00 – 3.00pm
Thursday – 10.00am – 12.15pm
Friday – closed
Open every other Sunday
The Centre may be open at other times for closed groups.

0191 477 7898
[email protected]

Tyneside Women’s Health is a charity and was set up in 1985 to provide mental health support to women in a women-only environment.

Tyneside Women’s Health’s charitable objects as agreed with the Charity Commission are defined as:

  • To preserve and protect the mental health and wellbeing of women living within but not limited to the areas of Gateshead, Newcastle Upon Tyne, North Tyneside and South Tyneside.
  • To advance the education of women in the area of benefit in relation to their health needs, whether they be physical or emotional; and to advance the education of professionals in relation to the mental health needs of women in the area of benefit;
  • To educate the general public in particular but not exclusively by raising awareness of women’s mental health matters

Self referral
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Crisis Skylight

City House
1 City Road
Newcastle upon Tyne

Telephone: 0191 222 0622
Email: [email protected]

Crisis Skylight Newcastle is an education, training and employment centre for homeless and vulnerably-housed people in the heart of Newcastle. We help Crisis Skylight Newcastle members and single homeless people with mental health issues in your journey out of homelessness.

We provide information, advice and guidance on mental health and emotional wellbeing, and information about the Mental Health Services available at Crisis Skylight.

We offer a wide range of classes including:

  • Art and design
  • Digital photography and sculpture
  • Computer training from Basic Skills up to Level 2
  • Health and fitness
  • Woodwork
  • Annimation
  • Literacy and numeracy
  • Support/activities/lunch at Christmas

Self referral




34 Grainger Park Road
Newcastle upon Tyne

0191 27 22 339
[email protected]

BECON is a Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) race equality organisation. BECON provides services to BME and disadvantaged communities addressing discrimination, exclusion, inequalities and racism. Our direct services and support to organisations is geared to support individuals to participate more fully and inclusively in the economic, social and cultural developments of their localities. BECON strives to bring about a more inclusive society promoting equality, diversity, human rights and social justice.

Our Vision
A society that creates equal life chances for BME people and people living in deprived areas leading to a society that is racially and socially just.

Our Mission
To support and promote the effective engagement, contribution and influence of BME people and people living in deprived areas in order that they can participate fully and inclusively in economic, social, cultural and civic life and overcome racial and social injustice.

Our Aims
  • To provide voice and representation for BME communities.
  • To provide services for BME people and people living in deprived circumstances to improve their life chances and increase their participation in civil society.
  • To strengthen the capacity of Black and BME Voluntary and Community Sector.




Pennywell Community Centre
Portsmouth Road

0191 5346661
[email protected]

Our mission
To improve the quality of women’s lives by increasing their physical, mental and spiritual health and well-being, through artistic, educational, cultural and recreational activities that also celebrate cultural diversity’.

Our aims
Promote health and wellbeing among women through education and development Promote inclusion, integration and participation through the arts, culture and social activities Challenge inequalities and invisiblity of women at grass-roots and policy level.

Our values are centered on the following:

  • The well being and health of all women
  • Empowering and uplifting minority women and excluded women
  • Learning, enjoyment, creativity and development through the arts
  • Promoting inclusion, integration and participation through the arts
  • Challenging the inequality and invisibility of women
  • Making a difference

Sangini believes in creative interventions and often works with artists from diverse backgrounds to create a variety of approaches to engaging with marginalised groups, often addressing issues, such as mental health, domestic violence, gender equality.

Activities include:
  • Arts projects
  • Artists commissioning
  • Educational workshops
  • Participatory workshops
  • Taster sessions
  • Support and guidance
  • Fundraising activities
  • Cultural activities
  • Training and development


Newcastle and Gateshead

Chilli Studios

The Blackfriars Centre
Newbridge Street
Newcastle upon Tyne

Tel: 0191 209 4058
E-mail: [email protected]

Open 10:00-4:30 Monday to Thursday

Chilli Studios provides an innovative range of creative based services that are directed at improving and enhancing the quality of life, health and social integration of its members.

We provide opportunities for those who are, or at risk of experiencing diagnosed mental health problems, and those who experience other forms of social exclusion within their communities.

To attend Newcastle and Gateshead art Studio you need to be a member. Listed below are the three different types of Membership depending on your level of need:

Who can attend?
To attend Newcastle and Gateshead art Studio you need to be a member. Listed below are the three different types of Membership depending on your level of need:

1. Personal Budget Membership: If you are eligible for a Personal Budget you can purchase membership to the service on a monthly or yearly basis.

2. Subsidised User Membership: If you have mental health needs but are ineligible for a personal budget you can purchase a membership in receipt of a letter from your GP. Subsidised memberships can be bought in monthly block payments.

3. Public Membership: If you do not have or cannot provide a letter from your G.P. you can purchase a Public Membership. Public Memberships are charged at a daily rate.
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North Tyneside

Safe Space drop-in

Church Way
North Shields
NE29 0AB

0191 477 4545,
0789 1685525
[email protected]

Every Tuesday from 1 to 3pm

Safe Space is a service for adults experiencing issues with their mental health emotional wellbeing. It aims to help reduce social isolation and improve your sense of wellbeing. Drop-in as and when you feel the need, it can be once in a while for support, advice or information, or you can come more regularly.

Drop In



Adult ADHD Support Group

Seminar Room of the Adult ADHD Service
Collingwood Court
St Nicholas Hospital

[email protected]

6.30 pm – 9.00pm (turn up any time after 6:15)

If you live in Newcastle, Tyne & Wear, Northumberland, Durham etc (or from anywhere really!), you are very welcome to come along to any of our meetings.

Our meetings are friendly and informal. They are open to all adults who have had a diagnosis / are in the process of seeking a diagnosis of AD/HD; parents of children with AD/HD; partners of adults with AD/HD; allies working or involved in a related field.

Please come along and share your experiences and knowledge of AD/HD, find out about other help that is available and discuss useful techniques that minimise some of the difficulties that AD/HD can present. We also like to celebrate the positive aspects of living with AD/HD.



Gateshead Clubhouse

Worcester Green
Tyne & Wear

0191 4409033
[email protected]

11:00 AM to 4:30 PM Monday - Friday

The vision sees the Clubhouse as being a venue where people are always welcome on their own terms. The belief is that people need a safe harbour where members have the assurance that they are in control about what level of activity and participation they wish to engage in, without the fear they will have to move on before they choose to, or are ready to leave. In this way the Clubhouse could then be in a position to truly support people to build up their own resilience and, in a suitable time-frame, be able to move on with their lives.

Peer Support will be the key focus, with an emphasis upon:
  • People making an individual choice about attendance and participation in activities – they would no longer be time limited in terms of their involvement in the Clubhouse
  • A greater membership participation in terms of the running of the club. This would include:- financial management, maintaining the health, safety and cleanliness of the building, recruiting and managing staff
  • An determined effort being made to use Peer Support approaches that would help to develop activities both in terms of community based opportunities and in-house courses

  • Hearing Voices Group
  • Anxiety Group
  • Baking Group
  • General Cooking Group
  • Photography Group
  • Walking Group
  • Art Group
  • Men’s group
  • Women's Group
  • Community Cafe

Self referral or referral by professional



SomeOne Cares

Main Base
1 Amble Close
North Shields
Tyne and Wear
NE29 7XW

Secondary base

The Carnegie Building

(0191) 2578094
[email protected]

SomeOne Cares is a counselling organisation who work with males and females, (survivors and supporters) from 11 years plus, whose life’s have been negatively affected by suffering or witnessing any type of abuse including domestic violence and neglect. Specialising in childhood sexual abuse, rape and sexual assault.

“Someone Cares is delighted to announce we have successfully been awarded Big Lottery Funding of £204,000 to specifically work with Male survivors of abuse”



Unusual Experiences and Beliefs Group

Meets on the first Thursday of every month between 12-2pm

​​A monthly drop in peer support group based in Newcastle for those who have experienced any of:
  • Hearing, seeing or sensing things others cannot;
  • Unusual beliefs;
  • Paranoia
Come together in a non-judgemental space to:
  • Support one another;
  • Talk about experiences;
  • Share understanding and knowledge;
  • Discuss approaches to living well.

For more details, ring 0191 2330382 or email [email protected]

Drop In - no referral needed
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