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Trypophobia anyone? (fear of many small holes)



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Mar 31, 2015
Oh my GOD, for at least 30 years I've had this and didn't know. I DID know that I was absolutely disgusted by things like close ups of hair follicles, certain types of pimples like the Youtube channel where they show close ups of blackheads being squeezed...

Right now I just googled this phobia to confirm its proper name, and I clicked on "images" and as soon as I saw all the examples of stuff, instantly I got all cold and shivery, and even now, 5 minutes later I'm still squeamish and I keep half laughing / half snorting in...amused disgust...

And yet I'm not actually SCARED of any of it. I actually find it fascinating in its revulsion. I am SO beyond disgusted at it but I cannot look away. I enjoy watching reality cosmetic surgery shows on TV for example, and when they show hair transplants or wounds that show close ups of skin staples or stitches, I actually move closer to the screen, as a part of me LIKES being repulsed!

Is this weird? lol


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Jul 31, 2020
Have heard of this one before, yeah, it's sort of creepy, dunno how common the actual phobia might be... sometimes you just gotta see or encounter things that cause revulsion.


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Jul 18, 2021
It is apparently a common human reaction. Seeing a bunch of irregular shaped holes together in a surface reminds us of sickness and infection. But symetric regular holes, like a beehive, doesn't have the same effect.


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Mar 31, 2015
Oh, I find beehives repugnant too! And vegetables (like potatoes, sweet potatoes and onions) that have sprouted those stem things. I can't stand them! It's like huge hair follicles with thick hairs sprouting out! lol
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