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Trying to help & understand..



New member
Jan 7, 2010
Hi there,

I have found this board after looking online for help/advice & am hoping that maybe some peeps on here could give me some.

My brother was diagnosed with manic depression approx 10yrs after being sectioned. He spent some time in hospital & thankfully became well again after some weeks.
I remember the start of his illness coming to light after he used to speak to me & tell me that the police were following him & out to get him.
The past few years he has started his own little business, developed new hobbies, interests & friends etc and seemed fine until a few weeks ago. I am also aware that he has never taken any medication since he was last sectioned.
He told me a few weeks ago that his business was failing & he would have to start looking for jobs to help with his rent etc. Then i heard nothing from him over xmas, he isn't very much into the festive season so i wasn't particularly concerned.
This morning however i have received messages on my mobile but they just didn't seem to make sense so i rang him. He was talking fast (as usual) and telling me the regional crime squad are onto him again & even had the helicopter out the other night so he hid all night out in the snow!! That they were intercepting his mail & possibly his phone calls. He also said a policeman had been to see if he was ok as somebody was concerned about him, but there was a TNT truck full of police so he wouldnt open the door!
Now obviously i'm really concerned, he's a grown adult yet i have to be careful what i say about involving a doctor etc as I know he will take offence & accuse me of not believing him etc and probably stop talking to me!
The other concern I have is..its still my brother talking & everything he's saying to me is just so believable (if that makes sense?) & now i'm even asking myself is he manic or is something really happening with the police.
I hope you dont think i'm being silly i'm just so confused because he sounds the same,(he's always spoke fast & loud) and up to a point acting "normal" until he speaks of the police & "only the queen knows what dark forces walk amongst us". I'm just praying somebody can offer me some insight into whats happening & what I should do to try & help him. :confused:
Sorry for such a long post & thankyou for reading!

Vicki x


Well-known member
Nov 5, 2009
It sounds like he needs urgent help. You should at least go to your own GP and tell him what's going, he maybe angry now that you don't believe him but it's for his own wellbeing. When he recovers from the Psychosis then he will see that you were helping him.
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