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Jun 25, 2013
ok so i cant sleep, surprise surprise

im moody, no surprise there

my memory is real bad, but i joined a schizoaffective group and it seems this is common... my memory was also bad as a child and this often got me in trouble for "not listening" doh!

anyway yes i have many problems right now, police investigations with what happened to me, mums moved in with me to get away from the bloke, and im hanging on for dear life seeking God, whilst negativity is chucked at me and me staying strong and reassuring stuff that im not even sure about.... anyway ive officially lost my job and been offered a settlement so yep ive been to the solicitors and yes im going to take the money and run for the hills, amongst all this me and mum need to find a car and move out into her house in june hopefully and police investigations take ages the man is out on bail, have no clue if things will go to court or not but if they do then im guessing it wont be until next year as this is as they warned a lonnnnnnnnnng process, people say do this do that but unless living it that is easier said than done......... so i pray to the Lord

i pray with all my heart and soul that the man in crime is dealt with so he can no longer hurt me, i wish for me and mum to move into the house so that my dear mum feels settled in her own home and her own home isnt taken away from her again, i pray the angels protect and guard my mum, i also pray that financially me and mum will be ok for its mum that will suffer more so than me because i dont mind staying indoors doing nothing mum doesnt like this, i thank you Lord for your help and im truely grateful for everything you have helped with to lead us up to this point in our life where we have a choice to take the house and not forced to leave, i praise you Lord with all my heart and soul

Amen and Amen


Nov 1, 2014
I think it's fantastic you are being so supportive with your mum.
faith and belief are strong.
Keep finding that light :) xx