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Trintellix Antidepressant Weaning



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Feb 2, 2020
I'm having so much pain, muscle tension and headaches as I'm weaning off Trintellix. I guess it was painful going in, it's likely to be painful going out. I went from 5mg for 9 days and now at 2.5mg for five days. My neck and shoulders are stiff, sore and keep cracking and popping everytime I turn my head. I saw a massage therapist yesterday who said I had baseball size rock knots in my glutes and hamstrings that he has only seen in one other person in all his years of massage. He has also never heard anyone crack so much in their neck and shoulders when he massaged them. The side of my thigh is like a 2x4. I think I could go right off the med at this point but won't do that until I see my doc on monday.

Anyone else experience this coming off medication?