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I can't seem to find many personal experiences of trazodone on here. I know it's an older AD and is now more used as a sleeping aid. I just want to know if it's going to put a complete stop to any exercise I do. Will I be a zombie in the day if I decide to take it to help me sleep.
I'm on venlafaxine 225mg too but just need to sleep well.
I would really appreciate anyone elses thoughts on it.

Eternal X


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Apr 24, 2008
Hi Eternal

As you know I take trazodone. When I started it on its own, I took 50mg 3 times a day and I did feel incredibly tired. Then I started taking it all at night, and went up to 200mg. At that dose I slept pretty well almost every night - if I woke up I went back to sleep easily. It wasn't that easy to get up in the morning but once I was up I was ok, maybe a bit dozy after lunch. However as an AD it wasn't really doing much, so I started on venlafaxine as well. So now I'm also on 225mg ven - the extended release one in the morning - and 100mg trazodone at night. Originally I was on the normal venlafaxine and I was still having a bit of difficulty sleeping, but with the extended release it seems much better. It's early days though for me - have only been on that dose of ven for 10 days or so. I'm struggling to wake up in the morning but it is the Christmas holidays so I don't have to get up to get the children to school, and I had a pretty bad run-up to Christmas too so think I'm just getting over that really. So I guess I won't know how it is really affecting me till I start doing more again next week.

Feel free to PM me if you wish - I couldn't find anyone on here either that takes it!