Trauma and memory loss


Ian Sicko666

Jul 27, 2019
London Bourogh of Havering.
Oh thankyou @Ian Sicko666 yet again for expressing your pain and achievements so well, and being grateful for my contribution to the discussion. In short; we give to get, and it works like a dream if we allow it to.

I really want to write but I've taken PRN anti anxiety med's to sleep as my own c-ptsd is causing doubts and fear to rise. (Opportunity for employment as a Mental Health Peer Worker) You know, fear of the past repeating itself going over and over in my mind while trying to sleep; a response to the prospect of success I dare say.

I'll log in tomorrow if I'm up to it.

You're doing great btw! Getting the words out, developing a writing style that's engaging and doing the doing. I'd like to tag along if that's ok. :)
🙂 Of course, i would love you to tag along,the more imput and info from people on how to fix my head is more than welcome! Intelligent insight from a fellow sufferer on how to deal with dealing with, at times, undealable feelings ,is very much welcomed! Lol, just had the Vicar round for 4hrs talking to me, lol, and i am a not a believer!
Actually, that might be helpful to some. If mental health don't seem to exist, try talking to a vicar. Of course they will try to convert you, but, they do listen, and do keep things confidentual. Mine knocked one day and asked how i was feeling, lol so i told him! He visits me from time to time now, and it does help me deal with my Aloneisum. It sounds mad, but just talking to someone face to face really does help keep so many demons at bay.

I really do wish you good luck LizBo. I know, it's always the same, when ever anything positive happens, that nasty panicy doubt kicks in ,and it's always, "remember last time, something bad will happen". But, NO, IT WILL NOT, YOU WILL BE SUCCESSFUL, and more than that, you DESERVE TO BE SUCCESSFUL! Try not to listen to that negative idiot, it's always wrong, an even when it wasn't ,you survived it! Which has in turn led you to help others try to overcome by reading what you write on this board, some even dare to risk writing how they are feeling bacause you wrote!😉

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