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Top people in a spin



Well-known member
Sep 22, 2008
The Time To Change campaign is doing something noble in pointing out that mental illness needn't be a bar to personal achievement. But in its implication that all mental illness can be overcome, it trivialises more severe diseases and diminishes the harrowing experiences of sufferers.

I agree with the above statement,which I copied and pasted from the article.
What's surprising in my experience is that after being diagnosed with schizophrenia,a severe mental illness,I am unable to get any help at all in the form of cash from the benefit system.Not a penny.


Well-known member
Founding Member
Jan 7, 2008
in a lot of ways i like the idea people can recover from schitzoprenia, though i've seen little to support it, what bothers me is when it's used in conjunction with a plan to get people into work and off benefits particularly now in my 50s i face age discrimination just to start with