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too shy for bipolar



Active member
May 24, 2010
hi all
<1 year diagnosis of cyclothymia all the symptoms seem to fit except the hyper/excessive talking
this appears to be a relevant symptom i am a naturally shy guy and genarally quiet
i know you dont need all symptoms i get the racing thoughts but just keep quiet
any ideas welcome:unsure:


Well-known member
May 19, 2010
hhmmmm :scratcheshead: I wouldn't like to say as I have no idea what all the symptoms are.

But are you sure that you are shy. I don't want to sound stupid but I often think I'm shy and quiet and I probably am when meeting new people because I don't like meeting new people (sounds really ignorant doesn't it) but round people I'm comfortable with I'm ok and sometimes I'm more than ok and can talk the hind legs off a donkey but I don't realise I'm doing it.


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Apr 14, 2010
Cool St, Coolville
from what you said it sounds possibe but wouldn't like to say. i've definitely had points where i'm hyper but withdrawn also dunno if that's possible all the time, surely personality's do vary enough but then i think i'm so out of control with this monster my personality hasnothing to do with it too. let us know what happens, all the best xxx


Well-known member
Jun 22, 2008

Hi like your post, although have never heard of Cyclothymia? i can relate to the racing thoughts! I put it down to my illness, i feel very paranoid when i am having them as tho i am thinking out loud..lol..:innocent:


Well-known member
Apr 9, 2010
I have until now always been diagnosed with depression and appear to people that dont know me well as shy and quiet. However the racing thoughts and irritibility were always my 'secret' Hence if I had not been ashamed of my symptoms and kept them so well hidden I may have been diagnosed earlier and got the help I deserved.
So my advice is tell the Docs about the racing thoughts cos from my experience they can be pretty tough to live with and why suffer if you dont have too .
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