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Too much worrying isn't good




I have a lot I want to get off my chest, first off I've been having some ruth days
because I've been stressing out too much believing I have a serious illness like
schizophrenia, but like what really caused me to believe this was me searching
on the internet all kinds of illnesses which started making me believe I had one, or more of those illnesses like OCD, schizophrenia, schizoid personality disorder, ADHD.

But last year when I mostly did some reading about schizophrenia I simply was frightened by what I was reading that when I soon went to bed I kept thinking that I was hearing voices, I started having anxiety and believed I was going to go insane and do something really bad that I wouldn't want to do, It bother me for a few months but
then I eventually some how didn't have those obsessive thoughts anymore and started feeling better again.

Soon then I did more research on OCD and found out that some people who have
OCD end up having schizophrenia because of the paranoid thoughts they get, and
that started to trigger my anxiety again it was a really bad idea for me to look
this stuff up but I did it and I wish I haven't done it, but now sometimes I worry
about every thought I have because I feel like my thoughts are paranoid thoughts
or intrusive thoughts, and it really bothers me and makes me believe I'm going
delusional and becoming a schizophrenic, I try hard to make these thoughts go away
but I know that won't help.

And I don't have a doctor or a psychiatrist to know for sure If I have schizophrenia
or OCD or both, but I know I'm not getting enough sleep because of all this which is making me not concentrate, and It even worries me to find on the internet that
sometimes If you don't get enough sleep it can cause health problems, but
I try to take care of myself but these obsessive thoughts and worries are just getting
in the way, but today I'm doing really good and I feel like I don't care too much
about my thoughts anymore but once in a while I worry.

Thank you and I'm happy that I found this mental health forum I just hope I'm not alone, sorry that this is long but I just wanted to speak out.


Nov 24, 2014
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In my 20s I use to read medical books, look up symptoms and convince myself I had an illness; in the end I had to throw all the books away as I was getting paranoid; the internet can be worse, do a search for general symptoms and you'll find terrible illnesses with your name on them. It the same with mental health issues. In the past I've convinced myself I have a schizoid personality, that I have ADHD, autism and all manner of stuff. The trouble is a lot of mental health issues are an exaggeration of so called 'normal' behaviour so it's so easy to see in ourselves a description of a condition which we could never ever get diagnosed with.
The only thing I would say you have for certain is anxiety; as for the rest, try not to worry, whether or not you've got any other MH issues we're here to support you. :hug: xx

Mastiff mom

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Jun 22, 2014
Dear Ramona, I have scared myself silly looking things up on the Internet. A little info can be a dangerous thing! Worrying can literally make you I'll-- missed sleep,obsessive thoughts, etc. I hope you will see a doctor about these things. It may put your mind at rest or put you on the path to feeling better. Hugs to you!


I need to let you all know that about this thread, I forgot to admission that I was taking
to many quizzes and tests on the internet which made me believe that I have a mental illness, but
to be honest and clear that I don't really think I have OCD, or a eating disorder or any other illnesses,
I was just overreacting and overthinking, sorry to all of you that I had worry.


Jan 2, 2015
Internet is great for research and educating yourself on many matters however the internet is not a place for self diagnosis... over analysing every given thought can take you all manner of places...

Stay positive stay focussed with as little diagnosis as possible as labels are no good nor is all the medication given out willy nilly messing with our brains and heightening initial issues with extra add ons....

taking control of and training the mind to positive and only positive


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Oct 21, 2014
only positive? LOL