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Today's appointment



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Mar 23, 2009
Saw one of consultant's assistants.Appointment was much ado about nothing. Basically because i was better than the last time, when i had suffered akathasia/acute anxiety as a side effect of having just been put on the depot,i was deemed to be ok.
Mentioned being anxious but it seemed to go in one ear and out the next.Nothing was offered to help deal with it.
Also mentioned that depot hadn't worked so well this time round but she basically ignored that and didn't ask any questions about it.

All in all the appointment(first since last July according to notes she had)was a bit of a waste of time.
It seems that if you're better than a previous time,even if you might not be that ok,that's all that matters.
So you could be very bad on one appointment and just bad on another and that would be ok because you are comparatively better.
There was quite a lot i wanted to tell her but couldn't find the opportunity/space to do so.All she was interested in was comparing this time to last time .

It's easy to see why people can be reluctant to mention things and it's not just a case of lack of insight or denial.There's only so much mentioning things and having them glossed over, or ignored ,that one can reasonably take before you get into 'what's the point of mentioning that?' territory.

Judging by the gap between this and the last appointment it will probably be sometime early next year before i am seen again.

After appointment went to advocacy service to get final help with my DLA renewal form.
Found it quite hard to concentrate/focus on the task at hand because i felt anxious/frustrated after the appointment with the doctor, but person helping me with the forms was understanding.


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Mar 15, 2010
That's a shame that your apointment didn't seeem to ber any fruit. I have had similar experiences and have since realized I have to advocate for myself. Even as much as keeping a journal/log so I have reference points.

At least you had a sympathetic helper with your paperwork.