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To everyone who wants to/or posts here


Girl interupted

Well-known member
Nov 17, 2018
Can we possibly pin this?

You are not alone.

You have come here seeking help, and there are so many people here who are struggling. Just like you.

This forum is a rare place where the moderators won’t judge you or demonize you for being you.

You are safe here.

Anyone predatory or aggressive is dealt with compassion. Their aggression is likely a cause of their illness.

Everyone has a place here.

You can fall, down, over and over, and someone will pick you up.

Do your best to pick others up when you are strong. They will be there for you when you are not.

In helping others you can often find your own truths. Don’t be shy. Share. Be compassionate.

Tell others of your troubles, but be generous and share your victories, too.

So we all can celebrate the wonderful person that is you.

Welcome to the forum.


Jan 6, 2019
Wow. Loved this. :loveshower:
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