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Tired of being alone



Jan 28, 2019
Tired of being alone and not really sure how to kick start my life, I have two grown up children neither live close by both have very busy lives, and don't want to burden them with my loneliness they ring and visit when they can.
I worked full-time until about two years ago since stopping work my whole life has changed, have suffered depression as long as I can remember but guess I had less time to focus on it and when my children where young had to keep going and carry on regardless of how down I was feeling, have tried medication but really did not seem to make a lot of difference, have had a few bad friendships over the years and really have lost my confidence in being able to judge people and what their intentions are, I have a few friends that live in different parts of the country and though so glad they are there would like more people close by. My sons say I should start dating again, but can't get motivated to even think about dating let alone actually get out and start mixing with others, plus very nervous meeting new people


Well-known member
Jan 30, 2019
Hi Candle

I decided to give volunteering a go and it has helped alot. Theres so many different types, I decided outdoor work for the known effects on depression. Its not like going on dates or lunch with friends (erm too much pressure) Its first reason for being there are the tasks second is the social aspect. Theres no pressure, commitment and no competitive nonsense. If I hadnt given it a try Id never have known any of this. I go home pleased Ive worked well, been out in fresh air, had exercise and quite often had some manageable social interaction with like minds. UK has alot of good vol opportunities, were a big charity positive country.
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