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Apr 6, 2018
I got my dp/Dr from anxiety and it sucks it's such a horrible feeling but guess what ? It's not something you have to deal with for the rest of your life. Many and I mean many have really over come this. Dp/Dr is a defensive mechanism that triggers it's self to protect us, part of the brain that progress realism shut downs to cope with too much stress or/And anxiety that triggers it. I promise you won't go crazy or will be this forever. To cope and recover you must accept it , nothing is really wrong with you is your fight or flight instic going trigger happy. The second is cope with as much as its hard try to live your daily life go outside for walks and just try to distract your self which is the 3rd step. Not thinking about it it helps you recover , acknowledge is there but don't give it your attention. Exercise would help you on that yet you get to ground your self. Most important SLEEP enough. Try to keep a routine sleep scheduled and follow it. I also change my diet more chicken blueberries and yogurt seem to help and don't take no caffeine alcohol or sugary drinks or food. I also tend to pray and went back to being a Christian which to me it help me big time. It would take time it won't happen from day to another. You would start seeing results when your brain starts recovering from the stress. It's okay if you have your falls every now then none is perfect but practice makes you better. Don't give up I thought I would never recover and i was gonna live like this for the rest of my life but I was sure wrong. Now I feel I got a second chance at life and I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy but I'm glad it happen. I see life from a different angle but with sure more happiness and motive to do better. I wish y'all the best in your path to recovery. Its your own body take it back and live it up.


Well-known member
Sep 17, 2018
London, Westmister
Been thinking that that same that the mental burden just is intolerable. And worse case it is so by meds and then we try to get relieve from drugs, the reaction even worse, DID-amnesia. So if human can be broke by chemicals, can we "lock" the wanted person on by other drugs? If dopamine antagonist makes unexplainable things happen, could correctly times Ritalin/epilepsy regime prevent the personality swap. Kinda the recovery starts from point zero every time the personality changes, it resets on some level. I've always had emotionless zombie confusion after the amnesia.