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Tips for staying calm whilst in social situations?



My friend would like to see me, I haven't seen him in a while so would like to see him too. He's recently moved to London and only comes up here every month or so. The problem is that usually I pace before someone is due to arrive or and try and battle my thoughts so i'm calm where they get here- it rarely works. I am so scared by the time they arrive that i can't get a cohesive sentence out and sit nervously for the duration of their visit- it's horrible-every second is drawn out and I feel like I am making a complete idiot of myself which is more painful with people I like. I know good friends don't mind and just want to see me, but I want to just enjoy it. Does anyone have any tips? I am not very good at relaxation, I find it very difficult, when I focus on my breathing it makes me feel more panicked.



Feb 19, 2010
I find but only by myself, breathing in through ur nose and out through ur mouth and really try to clear your head, also breathing into your hands so you dont lose any air helps.
sometimes nothing helps for me but the last resort is to cover my head with a blanket and it goes away after 10 mins and I feel full of energy.

doubt that helps, but i get them every few days, mostly over cardiophobia, i know how u feel :(