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Tics, depression and employment



Nov 14, 2008
Hi guys, I'm looking for some guidance and advice. I am in depression after recently discovering that I have motor tic disorder and anxiety issues.

I am starting a new job and, as mentioned, I have motor tic disorder which I suppress around people, but I cant seem to suppress it at home. My old job was one which allowed me to work a lot of the time from home, such was the nature of the work. Almost like I was my own boss :p

So now I really need some advice and I would really appreciate your input on the following:-
Let's say that one day you realise that the tics become noticeable at work, what would you do? If for a few days no one says anything, would you think nothing of it and keep trying to suppress it (although now you know that it may on occasion be noticed), or would it cause you anxiety?
Consider these -
a) If no one says anything now, maybe someone will in a few days
b) You employer may want to say something, or may feel uncomfortable having you in an environment that may distract others
c) The tics may become more noticeable not only to other co-workers, but to customers/clients
d) Your employer may deem you unfit for the job
e) If any of these causes you anxiety, this may worsen the tics.

If you have anything you can advise me on, I'd really appreciate it. I dont intend to collect any benefits, so I dont want to disclose this condition to my employer or to anyone for that matter.
Thanks very much.


oh this is a hard one Whiteflag, as im viewing it from a person watching someone having the tic and cant really answer honestly to how i would feel if i had a motor tic disorder.

i have people around me who have this and i dont really notice it now. at first yes but it soon becomes that person and just something they do. it doesnt change their personality or the way i feel about them. one of them i knew for ages before i saw the tics, shes a lovely person and such fun.

i dont see how your employer can get rid of you, especially with the fact you are doing your job fine.

i hope someone has the advice for you that will help :)