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Thread for those with children or dependants?



If there isn't one, maybe we could use one?

My biggest fear is that I will not be able to stop the bleeding sometime and either the children will wake up before I get it under control, or I'll have to seek medical attention. This is why I try to distract myself in the evenings. I have to wait for the intense urge to die down so I don't go over board (hopefully). It means I can't do anything productive in the evenings tho as I can't focus on anything except trying to regulate my emotions. The house is a mess.

Any other parents/carers?


Active member
Feb 8, 2012
To be truth if i ever get the thoughts on doing anything i clean or pack washing away just anything to make my house look nice ive even redecorated to escape the world.



Aug 23, 2012
I don't self-harm so am pretty good at keeping a brace face on things for the kids, if the house work slips, it slips, I put things in boxes or baskets until I feel like I can put them away - saying that, I do have 4 baskets of clean laundry to be put away and the same again to be washed.

Doesn't the thought of your kids finding you scare you enough not to hurt yourself? I don't have any experience of it so I do wholly apologise in advance for asking such a dumb-ass question.
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