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Thoughts that won’t go away?



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Apr 9, 2010
I avoid going to the bathroom because unwanted thoughts flood my mind. From killing a person, sexual thoughts about friends and relatives to the embarrassing situations I experienced. I can't get it out of my head. I always punish myself from the mistakes I did years ago or from the wrong answers I had in my physics exam. Sometimes when I am in a car I'm worried that I will jump out and die or throw my phone out the window.

I am self-conscious and have the most bizarre daydreams like absolute power, wealth, having superpowers. And I am obsess with these daydreams.

I've been diagnosed with depression 3 years ago but I stopped the medications due to side effects.

I'm 18 male. I don't want any of my relatives to know about this because they might think I'm psychotic.

Are there any OTC drugs I can buy to help me remove these symptoms?

Am I going crazy? I don't want to be crazy.


sounds like you're having an awful time, I think though you should seek medical help asap??
Doctor can treat you as required and set out medical treatment to help you ??
wishing you well...


You're not crazy just ill, hope you get the right help and support
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