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Thought it wouldn’t be a big deal



Apr 11, 2019
I thought if I did it to my face then I couldn’t lie about it anymore, but it didn’t change anything. When my coworkers assumed it was my cat, I wanted to say, no, I did this to myself, but I couldn’t.

I wanted to say how hard it’s been for a very long time, and that I don’t say anything because I’ve learned that nobody in my life can really help.

To anyone who reads this and gets the idea to disfigure themselves, it’s probably the best way to insure that whatever you’re going through will get much worse. You don’t realize that there were times when you didn’t feel sick until you’re reminded of what you did every time you look in the mirror, or everytime someone at the store stares at you too long.

By some miracle the scars on my face eventually healed, even though the ones in other places are still noticeable. I took it as a second chance, maybe the cells in your face are stronger Idk, but if I had kept going like I had planed, it would’ve been too much. I do have the scars still but you have to be close to me to see them now, which is all I could ask for after doing something so stupid.

I guess I just wanted to tell anyone who’s thinking about taking it to their face that I’ve tried it and it’s not worth it. It doesn’t feel like anything at first, but after a while, you will realize what you did and that you can’t go back. Even if you don’t associate yourself with what you see in the mirror, be grateful for what you have.

I still get the urges but I haven’t done it again for some reason, and I mean anywhere on my body, I’m hoping I scared myself enough to learn some self control, but only time will tell I guess


Well-known member
Jan 27, 2019
I hurt my body in the same way. I have noticeable scars all over my shoulders and arms. I remember one day I was trying to prevent myself from self harm and I covered up my sores with 49 bandaids. Today not so bad. I have left my face and skull alone for the past few years and now it is just my arms. at times I really looked liked a drug addict.

it is impossible to cover your face from the self injury-makeup seems to only enhance the appearance of it. Glad you are shifting away from self harm. I am not sure why I stopped self harming it just happened thank God. Hugs
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